& i had the weirdest hair there

images optimized for viewing while drunk. if you don’t drink, try spinning around in circles really fast for about a minute, then squinting your eyes real hard.

first there was the eating raw fish part. i had never eaten raw fish before, & required training wheels on my chopsticks. everyone was polite & did not laugh at me. wasabi rocks.

then there was the blurry part with the perfect music:

after that there was the part where a perfect stranger named esteban was attempting to suck the barbell right outta my tongue & also whispering propositions for further tongue-related activities all shivery-silky in my ear. “i have to find my daughter” i said. i found dorothy instead, close enough. “is this guy bugging you?” she asked. my brain staggered around looking for the answer to that, struggling to steady itself on the slippery curves of the inside of my skull, finally concluding that in a perfect world the answer would be no, so, yes. “um, yeah?”, i said. “beat it”, dorothy said. esteban beat it.

& everyone had to agree i had the weirdest hair there.

13 thoughts on “& i had the weirdest hair there

  1. eet was a totally new sensation for zee feesh, but a familiar one for philippe & i …

    wait, wrong dream. that was the one that was a jacques cousteau documentary about having sex with fish.

    they said now that i had tried it i would crave it. they were absolutely right. (sushi, not sex with fish. that was just a dream. the sushi was real.)

  2. everything looked just like that.

    in the nearly four years it’s been since the last actual kiss i participated in, i had forgotten what a lot of fun it is. with that for reference i would have to theorize that actual sex is reallyreally fun, & i hope to have some someday. unfortunately or otherwise, it turns out i don’t seem to want to have it with a stranger. good thing i brought daughters.

    i am expected to make a full recovery.

  3. i have just discovered i still have tequila in the flask, yes the very same flask that figured prominently in several trips to the ladies’ room, where it first became clear i had the weirdest hair there.

  4. are there mp3’s of the band available? or links thereto?

    damn that esteban. guys like esteban rush in where angels fear to tread…makes me think i should change my name to enrico.

    if i had magic powers, the night you describe is pretty much the one i would have wished for you. good work soldier. as you were.

  5. this was awesome fresh we went way out of our way to go to this particular sushi place which was picked by experienced sushi eaters who did not require training wheels at all. plus i also ate part of an eel (not pictured) i did not know it was eel when i bit into it.

  6. um eww? ahh, okay, i mean thanks, it’s just i … didn’t like it. i liked what the autolevel thingy in photoshop had to say about the colors, often in badly lit situations the autoleveler sees some seriously psychedelic undertones the eye misses. other than that i … sigh.

    pretty much hate most if not all pictures of me so i take lots & lots of them. as therapy. to get me to not write essays about how i hate them, like this one.

    ok so it’s not the most effective therapy.

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