i picked a bad day to quit amphetamines

ephedra ban q&a

“the FDA has concluded that continued sale and use of products containing ephedra pose an unreasonable health risk. There have been about 1,000 reports of serious health complications from the use of ephedra and at least 100 deaths.”


excuse me, i’m with the institute for the painfully bloody obvious and i have a few questions. first of all how many fingers am i holding up? one, yes, that’s correct. now, exactly how much have the tobacco & alcohol lobbyists paid you** crooked bastards to ignore the hundreds of thousands of deaths & illnesses their products cause? what’s that worth to ya? a hummer? a summer house? what?

let’s review.

�For example, if current cigarette taxes and tobacco control policies remain unchanged during the next 40 years, we estimate that 498,000 smokers will die from smoking-related diseases in 2038. A tax of $1.00, indexed to inflation during those 40 years, will drop the annual death rate to 412,000 in 2038�

sounds perfectly reasonable to me. raising taxes saves lives! sure some people will die but only after they’ve paid their extra tax.

in 1996 there were 110,640 alcohol related deaths in the US. 19,709 w/explicit mention of alcohol, 45,157 other a/r diseases, 45,774 other a/r adverse effects

oh yeah i can see how unreasonably risky ephedrine is by comparison.

i smoke. i drink. my right to fuck up my health with nicotine & alcohol is safe, protected by the vast wealth of the companies that sell these deadly but admittedly happyfun mind-altering substances.

i’m sitting here just shaking from the enormity of the stupidity of this, & it isn’t just the three mini-thins i just took.

**the all-inclusive “you” includes the ATF & whoever decided alcohol & tobacco are fun like guns not bad like drugs or whatthefuckever.

4 thoughts on “i picked a bad day to quit amphetamines

  1. it should be noted that i am against most if not all vice laws. the war on drugs is a war on personal freedoms. life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  2. “this stuff’ll prob’ly kill ya – let’s do another line!” — tom waits, “heartattack and vine”

  3. i agree . a lot. i’ve done a lot of shit in my life but it’s the legal substance that will kill me before my time if i can’t kick it.

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