life is like a grapefruit. it’s orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast.

“flesh is a lesson, we learn & pass on” ~erica jong (i think)
“i cannot be taught, i can only learn” ~me (although that is not entirely true, i am often taught, only my teachers are generally unaware of it at the time. i do however make it a point to acknowledge this to them at some point.)
“Humans hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn — when they do, which isn’t often — on their own, the hard way.” ~robert a. heinlein
“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. ” ~douglas noel adams
“If sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities, it’s because they lead to the knowledge that you own your own body (and with it your own voice), and that’s the most revolutionary insight of all.” ~erica jong
“If somebody thinks they’re a hedgehog, presumably you just give ’em a mirror and a few pictures of hedgehogs and tell them to sort it out for themselves. ” ~douglas noel adams
“Call this free love / Activate the mission to be on / The same timeline / Call this free love / Get a ticket on the master plan / On the freedom climb / Call this free love / You can activate this message / On the concourse of your fine mind / Call this real love / Get off those chains, get off those chains / Get off those changes coming to you” ~yes (real love, from “talk”, 1993)
“Beware of the ‘Black Swan’ fallacy. Deductive logic is tautological; there is no way to get a new truth out of it, and it manipulates false statements as readily as true ones. If you fail to remember this, it can trip you — with perfect logic. The designers of the earliest computers called this the ‘Gigo Law,’ i.e., ‘Garbage in, garbage out.’ Inductive logic is much more difficult — but can produce new truths.” ~robert a. heinlein
“Beware of the man who praises women’s liberation, he is about to quit his job.” ~erica jong
“He believed in a door. He must find that door. The door was the way to… to…
The Door was The Way.
Capital letters were always the best way of dealing with things you didn’t have a good answer to.” ~douglas noel adams

some great minds have taught me to think. as to the lesson of the flesh, we’re all on our own.

11 thoughts on “life is like a grapefruit. it’s orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast.

  1. never. ever. scrimp on the toilet paper. eat top ramen, cut your own hair, fire your maid, whatever it takes — your ass is too important to risk cheap toilet paper.

  2. “yourself you touch/but don’t touch yourself too much/’cause they say it’s degrading” — sammy hagar, young girl blues from all night long [live]

    seriously though…i thought at first you had written ‘flash is a lesson’ and there i was back at community college…flash is more than a lesson, it’s a pain in the ass. like framesets. CSS, now that’s a lesson.

    heinlein was a scary old f?!k – reading quotes by him confuses me. on the one hand we have naked grokking sessions in the pool, on the other hand we have the legacy of heorot…oh i dunno.

    i’d rather hang out in an alien bunker being attacked by vicious carnivores with you at my side. that’s not a mash note, that’s just f?!king practical.

  3. darn it, you’re right! and to celebrate said epiphany i resolve to get up and leave my computer and go out and finally see ‘the return of the king’!

    just kidding. happy new year. don’t kill your liver. if you still have one.

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