my future-ex-sorta-sister-in-law’s house & the range of light

the bottle of merlot was open. i was afraid it would go bad.

chris discovered they had five hundred channels & a very fancy remote. i had the laptop & the wine & these headphones & my beloved C2000Z.

The dust had just settled
She’s wonderin’, what happens now?
I don’t know where I am
I’ve never seen this place before
Am I dreamin’?
Or is this the real world?

14 thoughts on “my future-ex-sorta-sister-in-law’s house & the range of light

  1. merry christmas, linky

    oh & one note. i generally enhance saturation / contrast / sharpness with PS7. in the case of the last photo is is 100% exactly as it came out of the camera, only reduced from 1600 x 1200 to 1000 x 750. sometimes everything just works out.

  2. merry, happy, warmest wishes and bestmuchwonderful luck-filled holiday to YOU. and the Girl. and the Boy. *smooooch*

  3. Now thats just creepy in a nice sort of way Lavonne, following me here.

    Unfortunately, I’m mad enough with out actually tasting the blood of another, you see we, my forebears that is were mercenaries and the killing is in the blood. Once we start……

  4. actually, we crossed paths in cyberspace. but i’m glad you like the creepy niceness of my mind. i would never actually advocate that you kill your wife, because how could i trust you then?

  5. Blessed be Liz.

    I can feel 2004 will be just a shiny new chapter in your dear sweet life my dear sweet liz.

    a litle latin for you my dear.

    Iam nix glaciesque liquescit, folium et herba virescit, philomena iam cantat in alto, ardet amour cordis in antro. karissima, noli tardare: Sine to non potero vivere; iam decet amorem perficere.

    In American, don’t wait for love dearest, go and get it, as the snow melts in the mountains so does the birds song callout for you. loves hour has come.

    A very BFGish translation, but the gist is there. may love find you out my dear. Blessed be BFG.

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