rainyday cabinfever

i played with balloons in order to distract myself from the fact that cookie dough bites were bought & eaten, completely, without me. not one cookie dough bite saved for me. not one. i mean fuck.

10 thoughts on “rainyday cabinfever

  1. wait–you mean they make cookie dough in bite-sized pieces and cover it with chocolate so your hands don’t get messy and you don’t have to buy a whole roll of refrigerated cookie dough and pretend your gonna make cookies and then hope that everyone forgets about the cookie dough that’s supposed to be in the freezer? you mean that? holy shit.

  2. i never buy cookie dough with the intention of making actual cookies, i buy it planning to eat it out of the roll. i get upset if people make cookies with my cookie dough.

    i can’t vouch for how good of a cookie dough substitute this stuff is because they didn’t leave me any but offhand i’d say, just buy it by the roll & announce that it is not potential cookies, it is cookie dough, & that’s that.

  3. that ain’t right.

    i’d be too thirsty for justice to be playin with baloons

    somebody’d get tickled into unconsciousness if they pulled that on me!!

  4. sister, you gotta move a little faster if you ain’t an only child! the law of the jungle shows itself nowhere more clearly than at the family board.

    elbows, you got to use your elbows, girl…

  5. poking, tickling, elbowing — sheesh, you people are just a wave of cookie dough related violence looking for a place to happen.

  6. I am currently in treatment for my cookie dough related violent behavior.

    The journey of a thousand steps begins with . . . and all that.

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