rectum? it damn near killed ‘im.

spinning. we are all of us living in spin you know perched on this place rotating @ 17,000 mph / revolving @ 1,000 mph & we measure the times of our lives in revolutions & we express stability in terms relative to the surface of an object hurtling through the vast cold void along this crazyfast corkcsrew path & life is not linear ever.

9 thoughts on “rectum? it damn near killed ‘im.

  1. oh i forgetted to mention — you started this miss tangerine, your comment on the last entry & i thought, well, that makes sense, spinning, we’re all spinning all spun whee!

  2. We measure our lives in revolutions.

    If only it seemed so simple. If only everyone could rationalize on such a basic level.

    It would all seem so much simpler. So much more cut-and-dried.

    weeeeeeeeeeee. gonads & strife…. ya know?

  3. ack. micrsoft stole my comments. lets hope i can remember this.

    ah but if life were. a straight long path. with no kink, just along straight edge with no dark corners, or twirls alight with dappled sunlight. i fear we would all go mad. and talking about spinning. i believe the 12 of the 12 is coming up soon. [she pause and wonders if she remember that right] back to the path. i’ll take mine twisty please.

  4. it is, it is. i’m going to hate not being 42 anymore. i don’t care about the getting old part, i just liked being the answer. plus it was so cool in binary. 101010. 101011 just doesn’t have the same feel to it. 101010, well that positively spins.

  5. i think, as if i recall this properly from my days at college. lower binary number are based on a set of four. a mixture of 0 and 1’s which represent 2 to the power of a number. so basically you are adding up the twos as they are they are multiplied to the power of x. so 0111 = 0 + 2xx2 + 2xx1 +2xx0 = 4+2+1 = 7. hmm. maybe that is just not as clear as it should be. sorry. :oO

  6. decimal = base 10
    binary = base 2
    in decimal, the numbers get bigger (or smaller) away from the decimal point, by a factor of ten
    in binary, they get bigger or smaller by a factor of two

    so in decimal we have 10, 100, 1000 …
    whereas in binary it’s 2 4 8 …
    so 101010 in binary is
    1 = 32
    0 = 0
    1 = 8
    0 = 0
    1 = 2
    0 = 0
    2 + 8 + 32 = 42

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