swizzle swizzle swizzle

i’m having too much fun sitting here whispering swizzle to myself.

it is a lizard martini glass. it has a lizard swizzle stick. since the peach vodka martini i just invented (contents: peach vodka) doesn’t include anything needing swizzling i’m not sure quite what to do with the lizard swizzle stick, except admire it.

best thing i’ve heard in a longlong time (click it, go ahead)

7 thoughts on “swizzle swizzle swizzle

  1. completely missed it, even though i remarked upon it earlier. Happy belated Birthday Liz!!! Hope you had a wonderful day, filled with much love, laughter, and all things wonderful. Many, many happy returns. *squish*

  2. An UnBirthday Birthday.

    The wonderful, effervescent and deliciously eloquent Liz celebrated her birthday yesterday! Happy belated Birthday Liz!!! Hope you had a wonderful…

  3. this is actually the thoughfullest gift chris has ever given me. a fact which makes me … feel kinda weird.

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