9 thoughts on “tangerine sparks

  1. tangerine rawks.
    LIz—you however…are on the brink of insanity…but I looovvvee it.
    have fun trippin!

  2. it’s actually brighter now. you can see my hair from space. or all the way across an airport lounge.

    perfect strangers are moved to speak to me about my hair, with everything from admiration to surprise at finding they like something that wild (like the lady in walmart today who interrupted me on a phone conversation to say “your face actually looks good with that color”. of course it does, if it didn’t i wouldn’t do it, y’know?) but i didn’t say anything because who wants to be so judgemental & besides there we both were at walmart at three thirty christmas eve. so you know.

  3. tangerine tangerine
    living reflection of a dream
    -led zep

    How do you get that color off the skin? Whenever I dyed my hair my skin got more colorful than my hair.

    Happy holidays

  4. ain’t right, i tell ya. had me all in a panic & shit. & they didn’t have kid golf clubs, or if they did they lied to me about it. i mean fuck.

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