These desert nights are for weathered men the ones who have already given in

i was hiding in a six by eight foot hole in a mud hut doing the hokey pokey with three quarters of a million in hundred dollar bills stuffed in my sequined thong panties when i realized i was actually sitting in a buggy room drunk on strawberry wine salivating over sushi as i remembered it listening to the tickle of chilled rain outside the barred window overlooking the bushy alley & also live birds of pray like a tongue in my ear hard a gentle seduction perfect a secret between me & before strawberry there was some news (drowned out now of course) & before that there was peach. of course. millions of peaches, peaches for free. blend this reckless into this life (mine) lived incongruous garnished with grilled onions like a philly cheesesteak (great with hairy dog hangovers) i hesitate clicking post worried you might miss the pictures (note: before this there are pictures please look thank you) there. when you hit my age you have birthweekends not days baby you party like i ain’t dead yet motherhugger. not by a longshot or a flask fulla tequila not empty yet no. may god bless the separation of church & state (hallelujah) glory be to rock the fuck on &/or me on high & that’s what it’s all about. even if you drink from the chalice of cheap escape & fade away. especially if.

10 thoughts on “These desert nights are for weathered men the ones who have already given in

  1. Happy birthweekend, Liz. I would have to say that it sounds an awful lot like this could be the start of a good year. or as doctor phil says, “this is a changing day for you.” I can’t believe i just quoted him. and no tequila was involved.

  2. Well bless my little cotton socks, she turned 21 again.

    Please ask someone else to real the label on the bottle before declaring it peach schnaps, it just might be drain cleaner, in a fresh peach fragrence for that orchard smell in your own drains.

    Blessed be Lizzy (KD) {whomever you are today}

    You just rock, and thats a fact.


  3. Happy belated anniversary of the day of your birth! (Okay, I’m beginning to see why someone came up with that catchy “birthday” thing.) Anyway, hope the day was and the coming year is spectacularly bright and sparkly and shiny and fizzy and, most of all, tingly. *smooch*

  4. ’twas indeed an awesome birthday. though oddly enough at many points i was deliberately acting a lot drunker than i was, or maybe it was more like lucid drinking — i knew i was drunk but it was my dream so i … i don’t know. but it was weird. different than the usual wastedness. much more conscious.

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