a fifth of january

…and then it hit me. about fucking time, i thought, i mean i was about done with the waiting which means nothing if you think about it which is why i try not to do that. as usual i wallow so musically, it’s all about the soundtrack & this is the most meaningful thing i’ll say all day today.

the extent of the beauty of the world around me pains me so on days like this one. i feel it physically, not pain actually more like an ache really, the pains come randomly sharp like clarity momentous occasionally oh fuck this noise let’s you/me get the fuck outta here/now i mean it this time

& with that, release is ours

what? yeah. just like that. why not? simple easy free

oh okay i know no not really

nice try though

4 thoughts on “a fifth of january

  1. Hey beautifull lady, I do wish I could ease your burden, you are such a treasure in this life. and its really hard to find honest to goodness inteligent sassy people.

    Too many people do that and stuff it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

    try to look beyond the moment and decide a new future, where you can do what you wish. all things are in your grasp if you reach out. its that thinking outside the square thing that works most.

    Blessed be. BFG

  2. ’tis not a burden really more like unseasonable affective disorderly january business as normal usual also shall we say there is a bit of a buzz involved most always which is fine i am not actually sure why i was all about the straightening up, i mean i know i was & i figure i had some sort of reasonable reason but um whatever nevermind.

    i’m a lot more fine than i sound actually. & i do love a good wallow.

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