bubble, bubble, toilet trouble

everything i needed to say has been said, under my breath, to my self, then typed into a notepad window & saved in case time & circumstances collide with blood alcohol levels & influenced fierce needs in sufficient quantity to warrant a sending. hopefully healing will intervene & allow a simple deletion in the meantime.

whatever (is the title of the file. it is whatever.txt). doesn’t that sound just like something you wouldn’t want to send if you cared about sounding, oh i dunno, grownup? though the wisest advice i received sounded like this & made the most sense “you should be all, like, whatever”. my daughter is wise beyond her overuse of the colloquial “all, like”, which is damn evocative & an efficient means of communicating things it would take me many minutes & burn too many mindcalories to express otherwise. yes i realize working the brain out is a good thing, however i need to burn in another direction right now, i have certain urgencies (in a word, work).

whatever. i added a shitload of pictures to the galleries while contemplating getting back into the rhythm of code by integrating recent gallery additions into the blog design so i could quit mixing my obvious photobloggeristic tendencies with actual blogging. of course this would mean far fewer posts since i am all about the photographic metaphor these days & that is, i assure you, for the best.

my toilet is still bubbling & has issues with the whole “flush” issue, however it is not overflowing onto my bathroom floor so i am thankful. also the shower is no longer filled with darkly sniffarific sludge. again, thankful. thankful shall be the word of the day, rather than whatever. or perhaps i should combine them: “whatever. thankful.” or “thankful, whatever.”
full of going
down the drain

8 thoughts on “bubble, bubble, toilet trouble

  1. i have the keys to the unit next door where there is a usable bathroom. i tried & tried to place the smell & finally came up with the answer: wet dog. it smells like wet dog. i could take a shower, if i wanted, only i would have to take it in a place that smells like wet dog.

  2. so i totally take that back about the toilet. all that bubbling added up to about an inch of water on the thankfully slanted bathroom floor.


  3. I don’t think you can be: “all, like, whatever” and I am wondering if you are being required to be “all like whatever” and if it has become “all like whatever” I would like, want to know.

  4. mmm. well i do believe that the posts that follow this one would tend to stand in direct contradiction to the sentiment “all, like, whatever” however they are also indicative of a fast process of healing (slipsliding along all juiced up like a little theraputic intoxication) also i may have written a poem i do that quite frequently these days which is fine.

    i have been drinking, have i mentioned that?

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