but fareal … this thang ain’t nothin’ but gnatbootie … tight, y’all

when you are paranoid & have observed a rather relentless fruitfly hovering hungrily around your beer you will peer anxiously into its greenly amber depths over & over never convinced that you are not missing the small speck of his death by drowning & while this might have been a serious issue to you once you are no longer the phobic mess you once were there have been so many of those changes, smells like progress might be numbness as if that matters (it doesn’t, trust me) & so on &

on & fine, it’s fine it is & i am & aside from the beer(s) there is the can beside them (sparks) for a while there were three open containers on the table beside the laptop due to an outing waiting for the train with the daughter sitting tossing back some cold ones (ice cold) talking about epileptic karma & eggnog performance art vomiting & love

so the train came the girl left & i brought these beers home not drunk but quite delightfully illegal in the mere possession of their openness oh yes i was this outlaw & also this one full one the girl laid on my seat beside me, sweetness indeed my daughter sharing this beer she bought all newly twentyone &

i have no segue to where i say i’ve been listening to outkast & thinking, hey ya & oh yeah & so forth & so what?

6 thoughts on “but fareal … this thang ain’t nothin’ but gnatbootie … tight, y’all

  1. & since i’m sitting here drunk on a monday talking to myself in my own commentbox i might then mention i have re-enabled all the old skins so those of you who i forced into the current century with clever PHP manipulation of cookies & shit, may now regress into the past (the 80mph with the low fuel light beach is barbie battlebot skins days) i mean whatever i’m not the control freak i once was. it’s all 1’s & 0’s man.

  2. for some reason i got confused when you said eve 6, and thought you meant sun60. i imagine you as someone who would have liked sun60. add to the long list of bands i loved that broke up – call it the r@d@r curse.

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