fuck political correctness

men. pfft.

far be it from me to speak ill of the vaginally impaired. as a matter of fact some of my bestest friends are penis-americans. it’s not like i’d want my daughter to marry one, but i don’t have much choice, she didn’t turn out quite as gay as i woulda hoped. this is my future son-in-law, he’s not so bad i guess:
this is Rob.
& while i try to be open minded & fair & balanced & am loathe to address any group of individuals as a whole, i find i must toss all that p.c. hooha aside & ask: what the fuck is wrong with you guys? hmm? anyone wanna take a shot at explaining this to me? yes it’s a general question being asked in a generalizing way & so what? i’ve generally about had it up to here with … with you people. up to here.
fuck you bill gates. you ... you ... MAN.
bah. men. can’t live with ’em, can’t chop ’em up in bite size pieces & feed ’em to homeless puppies.

ed. note: i got a bsod while writing this & failed to get a picture, so i rebooted & went about getting another one, thinking, you know, now that i want one, i won’t be able to. ha. took three minutes. fucking windows me.

additional note: persons of the male variety who wear dresses on occasion & are willing to submit photographic proof of this to me are exempted from the afore-ranted nonsense.
snip snip

what? oh these. i was just going to go out & trim the hedges. yeah.

10 thoughts on “fuck political correctness

  1. he’s afraid of furbies & disgusted by mustard. however he’s cool. she first saw him on this video they call the eggnog videowhere his band was playing in vegas on shrooms & making up songs while the lead singer was drinking eggnog & puking on himself.

  2. drinking up eggnog and puking on himself. merry christmas. feh.

    just hold up the mustard to him and squirt at him if he gets too close. either that or if he’s asleep.

  3. no that was the lead singer. rob’s the … like, bass player or drummer or something. he wasn’t puking, just providing the backup for the puking.

  4. Looking at your “trimmers”, I’m thinking 250 miles may be too close…

    If you ever head this way, lemme’ know and I’ll meet you at the dress shop…

  5. dammit, i knew i should have got pictures of me in drag…they were kind of ‘ya hadda be there’ moments. and yes, i was sober. and yes, the straight guys did forget i was actually a guy and started to grab my ass after a few beers.

    what’s wrong with guys? i’ll tell you what’s wrong with guys. it’s called ‘testosterone poisoning’. it’s worse than benzene.

    i’ve got it in spades for instance, and all my hair is leaving my head and growing on my back and shoulders instead.

    one of my favorite songs is by robyn hitchcock: “sometimes i wish i was a pretty girl/so i could look at myself in the shower”

  6. BSOD? That’s very polite! It should be known as a B (bastard/bloody/bleeding)BSOD or even a FBSOD. WinME is shite. I used to have to rebuild my PC about once a month when I had it. Beg, steal or borrow an upgrade – for your sanity’s sake.

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