it’s not pink. yet.

you know that cheesy movie, called billie jean or billie jo (not billy jack) it was about this teenage runaway outlaw folk hero chick named billie jean or jo, i think it was helen slater in the role, & anyway she’s on the lam, isn’t that what outlaws go on, the lam? & she had this totally obvious long blonde hair & they’re going to catch her or something so she goes into this bathroom with scissors & just grabs handfuls of her hair & starts hacking it off randomly & when she’s done she has this fabulously stylish chunky punky totally outlaw ‘do and then every chick in america does the exact same thing so da man can’t find our billie jean?

i swearta god.

what? of course it’s just a movie. of course a fabulous stylist actually cut the actual hair. that doesn’t mean i can’t do it. that doesn’t mean i won’t. that doesn’t mean i will.

pat benatar did the theme song. i can’t remember the name of the song offhand but give me a minute. my poor head is so full of useless trivia. and i tried to make a detour through pink but i couldn’t bleach out enough orange without obliterating the hair entirely, so it’s now a neon coral, *not* pink. the solution of course is to remove the too-much-orange hair with scissors. this doesn’t mean i will. this doesn’t mean i won’t.

11 thoughts on “it’s not pink. yet.

  1. Billy jean’s not my lover, she’s just a girl who thought i was the one. I love a pink cadallac, sleeping in the back. kiss me, i like to be kissed when i’m being fucked. the problem here is a failure to communicate. life’s a cabaret old chum. her name was lola, and she was a showgirl, she feel in love. I been through the desert on horse with no name, and it felt good to get out of the rain. who do you think testified? His cards were marked in advance. somewhere over the rainbow. I have seen fireships burning off the rings of saturn…time to die. there came a new hero, a warrior princess known as zena. and now a new group exclusive to al’s milwalke milkbar and drive in, wheezer, and please try the fish. hair, beautiful hair flaxin’ waxin’, long and short hair, hair , hair, hair, hair momma, everywhere hair. the talented mr rippley, cut the hair of the german girl, who had red hair and dyed it an stuff to make it look totaly different in another movie, The bourne identity with franka potente. a wonderfull movie.

  2. dancin
    I watched a Scorcesee movie – Boxcar Bertha – it had David Carradine, you know, Kung Fu.

    Yeah, this post made me think of that. David Carradine played a union agitator who keeps going to jail and finally says fuggit and starts robbin banks and trains and goin to jail and Boxcar Bertha keeps bustin him out



  3. was he like, bald in the movie? or was that just a Kung Fu thing? ’cause if i keep this up, i’m gonna be bald too.

  4. oh and no one please no one encourage me to do any more haircutting. i let my daughter straighten it & oy whatta mess. it looks fine as long as i leave it fuzz the way it wants to. it is true it looks better crooked when it’s fuzzed, but the point is i’m a shitty haircutter. and right now i could easily hack … but i’m in no condition to hack.

  5. Nor am I but I am a hack at writing that is.

    been drinking, white cloud, a sort of bubbly white wine chapagne sort of stuff, really nice. the bottle’s empty now….Got dear grace jones cranked up, La vie en rose. she just gets into my brain and eats out the bad annoying things that ahppend in the day and makes me feel like i’m reaching for the sky, no matter how you try, oops thats from the song on now, i’ve been called an operator….you make me run run run…

    anyway don’t go cutting your hair my dear you look delightful the way you are. just liz. should be a show, on broadway. i can see the billboard now. come see the lights, the highlights and just liz. she will catch you breath away with he wit and delight with her amasing insight to being just liz.

    blessed be. bfg

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