lost & found

so my son loses all his jackets at school. so i picked up an inside out blue sweatshirt in the lost & found thinking it was his. well, turn it rightside out turns out it’s a school sweatshirt, his was plain. so i tell him here, wear it & then when it gets warm out, put it back in the lost & found (or just lose it again like all the others, ya know?)

i toss him the sweatshirt. he won’t wear it. he says it’s kimberly’s. well there are hundreds of these identical school sweatshirts, they sell ’em to raise funds & such, how does he know it’s kimberly’s?

he tells me, because “it smells like kimberly”

it smells like kimberly.

7 thoughts on “lost & found

  1. there was a girl in third grade i fell in love with because she kicked harder than anyone else in school.

  2. see that’s what i was wondering. the explanation is that Kimberly hits him every day, so presumably she has to get within smelling distance of him to commit these assualts.

    he didn’t react to the sweatshirt like he would to a thing that smelled bad (he cannot abide bad smells, that child).

    ahh, young love.

  3. He does love Kimberly.

    My first girlfriend Teresa and I used to just beat the living shit out of each other because we didn’t know how else to express our love. Everybody else knew we had the the hots for each other because we gravitated towards each other and then instantly the violence would start.

    God I loved her. I don’t think I’ll ever love somebody that much ever again. She was the first. We were a little older than your son though.

  4. it’s always that way with first love. noogies & wedgies & tackling one another in the sweet dewy grass & acting all tough because of how it feels, because of all those feelings.


    it also explains a lot about love. why it always feels a little like skinned knees & having the wind knocked outta you & stuff.

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