metaphorically speaking

so you know, when you’re driving along & doing … i dunno, something, *not* picking your nose, but something involving some vigorous hand-related activity in the vicinity your face, something like maybe rubbing your itchy nose (externally) & you accidentally jam a finger right up your nose & it happens to be one of the ones with the actual fingernails & it hurts like a mofo & so then you’re driving along sniffling with your eyes watering like mad hoping your nose is just running & not actually bleeding, thinking damn why is everything a metaphor for my life?


6 thoughts on “metaphorically speaking

  1. back when I smoked, I hated when the tip of the cigarette dropped off between my thighs, you know, on the highway at seventy-five miles-an-hour, and you try to lunge your hips up but you have your seatbelt on and then you feel that sizzle – – yeah



  2. “damn why is everything a metaphor for my life?”

    because everything *is* a metaphor for your life. that’s why you’re a natural-born poet. but also, you’ve so ‘got it’ that you are living in the zen zone all the time. pisses me off.

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