natas si dog

my daughter’s roommates have gone quite insane:

but that’s okay, so has her mother:

the ability to stick stickers on our guitars is what separates us from the animals:

whatever you are here wondering what i’m not doing, i will be right back at it as soon as i finish transporting my offspring around town. it’s been a day.

7 thoughts on “natas si dog

  1. Mmmm, they fly over the rainbow
    and in to my heart,

    Mmmm, over the rainbow
    sliding red and green

    grinding out another tune.

    Mmmmm, they fly over the rainbow
    and come home to me.

    Sliding over red and green.

    Red and green

    Over the rainbow,
    Mmmmm, over the rainbow
    to come home to me.

    Fly, fly fly.

  2. Love to eat them mousies… Mousies what I love to eat! Bite they little heads off, Nibble on they tiny feet!

  3. Hey. Is that a Cape Cod? Jesus – I drank ten of those on New Years Eve.

    Play me a song. I throw some shillings in thy hat.

  4. metableaswell and patio photos rocked.

    Keep going and going. Never got the info in the email about the aftershocks. Please do tell.

  5. check in the galleries under “altered states” — i did some stuff to them patio photos in photoshop. it felt goooood. i did some other stuff not as good, but … i dunno. i mean i’ll sit there doing all this weird shit in photoshop thinking, do i have a point here? but then i get all happy & go ‘ooh that looks cool’ so as long as i’m keeping my eyes happy, well, there you go.

  6. We take the life of the one
    and duck behind the mask
    to most we are the one in three
    our face be seen at last
    who will be one of of the three
    to stay and pull the strings
    the oldest will take guide from him
    the youngest on the scene
    take heed men on four horses
    they ride with hell to pay
    and cellabrate the death of man
    it’s Called Your Judgement Day

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