words words words. had some around somewhere. sure of it.

checked draft status, discovered it was an appropriate status for the words found there. shuffled through boxes cluttered with scribbled half-ideas, wondered why i’ve formed such an attachment to recyclables. words.

code now, code, i’ve written a shitload of that this past week. technically mostly completely frivolous however … there is a reason. not an excuse. just a practical, resigned sort of reasonable accomodation i make for myself, though (i tell myself) i don’t deserve it and can’t afford it. the point is i find that i cannot discipline myself any more than my parents could after i hit the age of rebellion. i have that same unerring knack for taking an intractable stance against the unfairness (not getting what i want) and remain relentless until that changes.

and the fact is i’ve been yearning to geek out heavily, but i would not give myself the time. no, there was work to be done. work dammit work. so the stubbornness kicked in and what got done was nothing. i nagged and berated myself for this but nothing changed. (self-defeating spiral). i whined to friends and heard the same things i tell myself, didn’t listen.

so finally i gave up. installed a comments system on the gallery, improved the stats considerably, and figured out how to make it do two thumbnails on every upload, one for the gallery one to include in the blog. at this point attempted to point my self at the work and in the process became obsessed with upgrading lizard radio with a flash mp3 player instead of the klunky old php/javascript/windows media dealy that only works in the evil browser. to accomplish this it was necessary to write a php script that pulls the playlist out of the mysql database and writes an xml file for the flash player to use.

so i did that.

i also decided i liked the little flashplayer so much that i wanted to use it locally. where there is no php. in order to make the playlist i had evil media do a search for mp3s, saved the playlist, discovered it was written in SMIL which is … close enough. a little while later i’d turned that into XML and then and then i had to make the player prettier and now and now i am … i have so many more things i want to do. i have discovered new and exciting uses for flash and also i will say that flash mx annoys the hell out of me i mean it’s annoying how do i resist this?

i am sorry for the boring. i hadda do something man.

8 thoughts on “untitled

  1. …or “Code we must!”

    (Hey, babe, add in an “i” to the flash link; right now it’s trying for the ‘mages’ directory.

    yes, I know it’s all magic, but just for those who don’t know the incantations…)

  2. ahh thank you Dan, i hate to have a wrong linky up there,

    i think i’m finally in the aftermath of the obsession. i just had the computer crash again for the nineteenth time today and when i logged back on and IE popped up, i gazed at the list of flash resources in the browser history and felt nothing in particular pulling me in their direction. which is kind of like when you’re carrying something really heavy and you put it down and your arms float up. feels weird man.

    still this itchy nagging feeling there’s something that needs just a little polishing up, somewhere, something i meant to do, something …

  3. You’re quite welcome!

    Hmmm… The player looks fine… The galleries look fine…

    Maybe there’s a widget somewhere that doesn’t have a hover color that’s different? I mean, something major like that <g>?

  4. i am sure there are countless instances in which i have failed to use the onmouseover event to its fullest potential. i could also spend a staggering amount of time just organizing all the includes and templates that run this site. every page calls at least … nevermind how many other little pages. almost every section of the sidebar.

    not to mention i seriously am ready to ditch mt and go homegrown PHP for the blog. so ready.

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