lomoriffic actions and the powerpuff girls do monty python

one is the number of mojo jojo’s there shall be in this world, and the number of mojo jojo’s shall be one. three is right out.

when ppg villains quote the book of armaments, all’s right with the world.

i don’t have a lomo. but i have some sets of photoshop actions and a thing called a melancholytron which is a trial and will expire so i’m tryin’ to convince myself i dig the sets of photoshop actions better. it’s not working.

in order, l-r: original, photoshop actions v2

l to r: the original, and, the lomoized version:

l to r: original and the lomoized version:

i am a little confused as to which filter on some of ’em. but then i am on aol. so you know. my mind. um.

8 thoughts on “lomoriffic actions and the powerpuff girls do monty python

  1. You can get the meloncholytron and the whole set of Flaming Pear photoshop plug-ins AND the keycodes off of Kazaa.

    I’m not saying how I know that, but it is a possibility I could burn you a full cd of the whole shooting match.

    Or you could go on Kazaa when I’m online at home and do a search (it all comes in a nice Zipped package), I probably wouldn’t turn you in to the authorities. For a price.

  2. Lomo = communism at work. the last vestiges of communism are replete in the subtle tone and dark corners of the logograph. I expect it will be the only thing left of the old USSR apart from space junk and Chernobyl.

  3. ooooh! i LOVE that melancholytron thingy! i forgot that i hadn’t reloaded it after my XP upgrade … groovy … another trial period, woohoo!

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