you shoulda seen the other guy

i always glance around before i start out from a red light, checking for cross-traffic idiots misjudging the yellow. the car that broadsided the buick wasn’t anywhere near the intersection at that point, he was a good half a block away, and there’s just no way of knowing who’s going to straight run a red light.

god i hate that sound. spun the buick right around, facing oncoming traffic. i jumped out, guy jumped out. guy says, “i’m *so* sorry”. i say, “dude, my registration’s illegal. they’ll tow my car away.” he looked briefly confused, i’m guessing it’s not quite the reaction he expected. “go.” he said. i looked at all the people looking at me. i got in my car. i backed the wrong way down the street, pulled through a parking lot, and … went to blockbuster to return the wallace and gromit game, but all they did was clean it and now it works.

he hit us doing maybe twenty? destroyed his car. bumper fell off, radiator broke, whole front end mangled. the buick? is a big solid car.

13 thoughts on “you shoulda seen the other guy

  1. a little sore. otherwise quite fine — glad the buick’s tough, glad it could drive away otherwise i’d have no car.

  2. ah yes. let us not also forget those wonderful american backseats which were basically like day beds, before those dirty foreigners started forcing us into “buckets”.

  3. Woah. The dents can probably be popped out but the scratches should be reapinted or at least reprimered or it’s going to start rusting almost immediately. It’s not hard to get some stuff from the parts store to prep and spot paint it, you should think about it.

  4. I believe that you have more than earned the “fastest thinker on her feet” award. Not many of us would, in the midst of the daze of a car accident, have the presence of mind to think about the eminent tow-away. I’m glad you’re alright.

  5. of course the first thing she thought of was the towing. amatures. thats why she was doing all of that glacing in the first place…her red light turned green ritual. ya gotta watch yer back at all times just knowing at any given moment you could be found out leaving you car-less, in jail, or worse – in court.
    the intense feeling of wanting to be in stealth mode…needing to be in stealth mode but knowing your fate is dependant upon others bubbles in your belly everytime you drive.

    good lookin out girl. glad who hit you was sooo cool. smells like he was uninsured anyway. his bumper off and he let you leave? bwwwaaah!

  6. Ha! Mine was *exactly* like this. Except, well, yours involved actual damage. And an intersection. And probable fault. Also my registration is clear.

    But enough about all that unimportant stuff; what Wallace & Gromit game was it?!

  7. i totally forget, this was that long ago. besides it was kind of a traumatic day, probably getting knocked around the intersection like that screwed up a few brain cells…

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