boring general updatey thingy

copied out of a text file of one of my notepad blogging adventures. have uploaded some cool pictures have many many many more in store for when i can be more online. which is to say not yet.

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right before i fell offline, i went a little nuts. i imported both kdblog databases and added some entries manually from the old surreally dreamlog. i tried to export my old blogger archives but the FTP kept failing and … i haven’t given up. i’m not sure why not, but i haven’t. so. i had all this content and i wanted to manage it in an obsessive and totally superfluous fashion. i installed this MT plugin that generates yearly calendars and one that groups archive lists by year, making the date headers links to the calendars. i changed the archiving filenames so that they now publish to directories by month and year, placing the monthly archives as the index file in the month folders. if you go to you see the calendar. if you go to yo see the monthly archive. since the entry title now determines the filename, i placed meta http refresh tags in all the old kdblog archives to forward directly to the page on dotlizard. i did the same thing with all my old archives here, so links will always go the same place. i completely redid the next/previous entry by category navigation. i had abandoned the weekly archiving, but i have now rewritten the PHP and it does list the weeklies in spelled out ordinal numbers, one through one hundred twenty nine at this point. it lives in a page preserved from the old bug design. i also installed the ‘on this day’ plugin and so the archives include links to entries from prior years.

i stopped myself before i adapted the six kdblog skins to work with these templates.

i had so much fun.

6 thoughts on “boring general updatey thingy

  1. oh not really…that is…probably not the lizards….she comes equipped for such sensory overload in ones and zeros. pretty much it was the equivalent of you or I going to the waterpark and enjoying a few hours……which is why it is soo very maddening to have her offline!!!

  2. oh by the way here’s a link to the wayback machine (weekly). i seriously want to make this one of the skins, misentropy & all. also the kdblog skins — zim, the penguins, and spongebob mainly.

    that bug design was the first time i really began to think i might be a designer as well as a geek. good times, man, good times.

  3. i’m so proud that you’ve revived the skin featuring my capsule review. i should send it on as a writing sample to this PR firm i’m trying to get work from…and it’s all true, you know.

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