lest we forget the peking relief thingy

we don’t even do war anymore, do we? war must be declared, so we have conflicts and storms and operations and peacekeeping missions and shit like that, right? much more efficient — less red tape, more killing. and it’s only human nature, killing. and i am not saying that because of the pms. even though it is a particularly virulent episode. it? i meant she.

the antichristine finds that people are less likely to piss her off when she explains her theories on the tendencies of humans to be naturally homicidal. then she smiles and mentions she likes sharp things and fire. and beer.

and cadbury’s creme eggs.

per request, an overview (just not a very good one) and one other from the memorial at the park:

4 thoughts on “lest we forget the peking relief thingy

  1. “cadbury´┐Żs creme eggs…”

    The Rx of choice for Pms around this place.!

    (Do you have an overview pic of that?)

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