the sound of sirens

things that bug me:

the internet
upsetting television dramas (e.r., law & order, third watch, et. al.)
every single person i spoke to or saw today, more or less
my computer
the sound of sirens

wait. i can break it down a little more succinctly:

and everything.

no wait. i got it. every*one* is part of every*thing*, technically.

so: everything.

6 thoughts on “the sound of sirens

  1. dude. i don’t have a job, and it’s been spring break, so it’s been ten days since i’ve even had to get up & take my kid to school. friday ain’t nothin’ but another day to me, man.

    another annoying day. shrieking video gameplaying yugi-oh cardplaying juice & cookie wanting brats running in & out, all damn day long. and the moth they chased in here! i told them not to squirt him, but squirt him they did. and. and. and. and.

  2. and then this afternoon screeeeeech crash! crash! crash! right outside & i run out so fucking terrified i mean, if you watch (or are subjected to against your better judgement) too much drama tv you can infer a hell of a lot out of a set of noises such as that, right in the fucking parking lot. stress levels of spring break in homealldayland exacerbated rapidly into your basic sorta panic attack. it was a gnarly accident i have pictures but i gotta logoff.

  3. Ummm.. yeah, I have enough memories to “fill in” anytime I hear anything outside. The kids know that if a car honks at them, shelley or I will be out checking in seconds…

    at least we wait to dial 911 now…

  4. for me, i would only add “the sound of gunfire in the street outside my house”, which thankfully doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

    oh, and “children of the corn” sequels.

    you have a standing invitation to come use our hot tub [we just bought it a month ago and already it’s made us saner]. it might make some of the bad things go away.

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