way fast

this is the first time i’ve even *seen* the internet in close to two weeks (i think) i lost track.

i’m not even really back yet but … cable is *way* fast.

ok i have stuff to go do i’m still working up to where i can deal with the email. i haven’t even looked yet. hold me i’m scared.

i know there is much catching up. right now it is a little too much.

8 thoughts on “way fast

  1. Yes, cable rocks but ever since I got cable (as opposed to DSL) I have been clobbered with virusi, spyware, and BHOs.

    I feel like I am always fighting the powers of doom … so be prepared.

    Missed you and glad you are working it out & back on line. Been thinking of you…..

  2. Actually you do not “see” the internet . . . you “see” the web – to be rally accurate about it. Unless you know, you have some sort of Matrix-esque abiulity to view binary code as it moves through a network.
    I know you will be happy I pointed this out.

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