if she’s anything like me, she ran the telling through her mind any number of times, like practice, only imaginary. i imagine the five maybe ten minutes of ordinary everyday smalltalk that preceeded the telling was somewhere between nervewracking nailchewing & tingling anticipating. i know she knew the reaction would be good, but i also know what took her all those minutes nattering on about ordinary everyday this & that, before she told me:

“mom, i’m pregnant”


eight weeks.

my daughter was born 12/21, nine days after my twenty second birthday. her due date was 12/16, she was late. (there’s a name for that now — it’s called ‘amanda time’ as in, i’ll be there in a half an hour, amanda time, which means ‘relax kick back read a book it’ll be awhile’) anyway.

her due date is either 12/12 or 12/16, depending on the chart you use for figuring. and she will turn twenty two on the twenty first.

i bet it’s a girl.

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  1. Oh, this is way so cool and rhythmic and wheel turning karmic and just plain nice!!!!

    Yeah, for both of you!!!

  2. You are beautiful and grandma doesn’t fit you, but there it is right there for you to accept and embrace.

    It will be good – yes it will.

    Did I mention I was 19 and knew D only 2 months before Z-man came along?

    14 years later he still rocks my world—and I rock his and I realize that luck had nothing to do with it.

    After he “finished” with me this morning I said to him “wouldn’t it suck if I became pregnant?”

    He actually believed the answer was NO, but then again, he’s insane.

  3. it’s not that i wish for a girl more than a boy, either way is wonderful, but it just seems so … rhythmic, the every twenty two years with the saggitarian girls, oh and you know i told her many times ‘someday you will have a daughter, and she will be just. like. you.’ and therefore, it makes sense that this should happen at the same age in the same month.

    i hope she knows already not to try to argue with this child. i knew that about her, i recognized me & knew that there would be no winning the arguments.

    this is so weird.

  4. i have a 7 year old stepson. and when he acts crazy or rudely or messy or noisy or in an unsafe way (did i say he’s almost 7 and a boy?? he acts one of those ways pretty much all the time), i look at my sweetie, and i whisper “daughters”. he knows what i mean. i want daughters. i love my stepson, and i know he’ll grow up to be a good man, but when my time comes, i want a daughter like my mom did before me.

    you do realize that if the cycle goes on, you’ll be a great-grandma in no time? and you’ll be so young still! i can only imagine the fantastic generational pictures, all you gorgeous funky women posing together with one smile. and being a grandma is (seems to me) so much more fun than being a mom! now you get to spoil, to say yes without remorse! woohoo! if i could skip the mom thing and go straight to grandma (without the age or the wrinkles…), i’d do it!

  5. nina. if it’s a girl. rob likes this name because of nina simone, and amanda just likes the name. boys, now, we haven’t really made any headway. ian would be nice, i think. needs to be kept simple, since the last name will be — something really complicated. it’ll take me awhile to remember it, i haven’t managed just yet.

  6. sometimes, i dream of what it would be like to have a son…to teach him to distrust the government…and teach him about mercury switches…

    </just. kidding. promise.>

  7. Lizard the Mommy, sitting on a rock, along came her daughter, “look mum, I’m fat”, thats nice dear, she said. Soon she’ll be Lizzy the gran, but not wrinkly or grey, and a new child to make sparkly shiny things for in May. Karen become Lizard and soon to be Gran, ah what wonderfull times to be had.
    A boy or a girl is does not matter, cause dear Lizzy going to be Nanna.


  8. wooohoooo! happy mother’s day to the BOTH of you!! BEST time to have a baby … REALLY 🙂
    and now i know that my timing has a name…, i’ll always just blame it on amanda-time 🙂

  9. holy shit! and you’re back too! this is too much to take in one visit, i need to sit down. wait–i am sitting down. i need to lie down.

    congratulations, granny!

  10. You are NOT going to be a grandmother. I refuse to accept it. Your daughter may become a mother, but the rest just doesn’t compute. No, no, no.

    (But, um, congratulations all the same. Yipes.)

  11. ..late to the ball again, me. that is. …
    Congratulations Liz!!! wonderful, wonderful news. and yes. hoping that it’s a girl. hoping that mom and baby are doing well.

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