eight oh two dot eleven b

i’m sitting on the porch, typing this, because 802.11b wireless? they’re giving the shit away. i mean literally. well almost literally, but pretty much, literally.

the internet’s getting easier to face each & every day.

6 thoughts on “eight oh two dot eleven b

  1. the whole house is wireless that way and i.am.so.spoiled because of it. long time ago those cards used to be 3 digits, now i don’t have to get a second job to get replacements. go figure.

  2. it’s heaven, is what it is. i plug this little card into the laptop’s ass, & away we go. and it was unbelievably easy to set up. the hardest part was when i threw out the boxes & then realized the rebate needed upc symbols & had to go … get them.

    which was fine.

  3. The internet is everybody’s thoughts in the world that they think is worth keying in . .. including mine and yours.


  4. somebody’s going to have to teach me about wifi…i’m still plodding along at 56k, like that movie where hugh jackman is like from the 19th century but he’s in this century, and all that. but no meg ryan…

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