the dog ate my homework

first the router stopped routing. the documentation for this internet-accessing appliance is kept … on the internet, of course. the 404 page was a big help, thanks. for weeks i resisted the simple but regressive fix, just plugging the fucking cable modem into the fucking computer, because i know me with temporary fixes, and i didn’t want to regress. i only relented because i was in charge of downloading wedding music.

so then there was the wedding.

it was easy to spot the ventura table:

later, there was a flower-throwing incident. fortunately no one was seriously injured in the resulting fracas:

in other news, i’m guessing that unmoderated comments are limited to the pay version of MT three poing fucking oh. i swear i have every box checked that says, just let people comment ferfucksake, but no. pain in the ass. gonna write my own blogware, i am. but first i better start blogging again, otherwise, what’s the point?

i shall now resume sitting here poking gingerly at the 460 emails that piled up while i was otherwise occupied &/or avoiding the internet. apologies to those waiting for me to get off my ass, i’m working on it.

20 thoughts on “the dog ate my homework

  1. gorgeous pictures! much happiness to the bride and groom. keeping fingers crossed that this comment actually posts….

  2. stoopid new MT doesn’t let me let comments just go through. makes me approve ’em. i’m trying a different setting, but meanwhile don’t worry, no comments are being eaten, they’re just ‘pending’. dammit.

  3. and the fucking cookies didn’t work for me just then. i think i need to change this form too. which may help the comment situation? eh.

    i am going to write my own blogware, i swear it.

  4. Very tastefully done. Love the Ventura table, at least they drank reasonable beer.

    I notice in the flower shot there is one girl with hands locked behind her, now there in lies a story I’m betting. Or at the very least a short story.

    Nice to have you back with us.

  5. Welcome back, Liz!!!
    Congrats to the Bride and Groom..!
    Your Daughter is lovely…Best Of Luck to them!

  6. so the cookies don’t work. that oughta be simple, right? just fix the fucking cookies?

    oh & customize this default form template. defaults! are! not! acceptable! for dotlizard.

  7. congrats, looks like it was a lovely wedding. and welcome back…although I confess i haven’t visited here in so long, i didn’t even know you were gone for a while. poo on me.

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