aaaaand the rockets’ red glare

so have i mentioned that the lyricbase‘s list page & lyric display page (which is like, 99.9% of the site) are now XHTML compliant? no?

i blame dreamweaver mx 2004, for starting me down the slippery slope of validation. sure, sure, the static XHTML validates, but then you upload the page & pop a little dynamic content in it & head over to the wc3 & get smacked in the face with … with … hundreds of errors. hundreds.

so i hacked away at the picky picky picky little details, invisible to the nekkid eye, but i obsessed nonetheless. it was time to make it right. sure, the site worked as it was, but it always felt a little like driving a shiny red miata with an old pinto engine duct taped sideways in the trunk, hoping no one got close enough to smell the burnt oil. now, it feels … like a newish kia, with a genuine kia engine, still under warranty.

or something.

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i live about a half mile from the fireworks, so i had to walk all the way from my apartment, past the apartment next door, up to the main street, then halfway down the block to get these pictures:

2 thoughts on “aaaaand the rockets’ red glare

  1. Oh wow, those photos are great. I tried to take pictures last night, but both our vantage point (side of the Boulder Highway) and device (camphone) were crap.

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