research: a work in progress

This post is an attempt to archive and sort out the whole LillyAnn mess, which began when a popular member of Plurk began taking up collections for medical emergencies that were misrepresented. Subsequent investigations of her activities turned up many inconsistencies, lies, and a whole lot of plagiarism. The archived Plurk thread is here.

on July 10, LillyAnn’s daughter posted on Plurk
that her mom had been taken to the hospital, and needed money for
dialysis. A subsequent Plurk in which confusing information was
offered, has been deleted. This plurk
has accumulated around 1,000 responses including extensive discussion
as to the validity of the claims being made. The daughter has not
responded to this plurk since last night but has posted elsewhere on Plurk today.

Initial requests for assistance referred to the paypal account
here, which is also linked from the ‘Newsletter re: Health Problems’
linked below, which had been used in previous requests for assistance.

daughter has stated that she is not allowed on social media, but has
navigated the social web with some skill, posting requests for
assistance on Twtter, Plurk, and (stating she had assistance), set up a page which has, at this writing, collected $297.50.  DaveJazzHands Stumbled and Dugg
this ChipIn page and stated in his Stumble review that “For those
desiring more information or creditials, please visit << >> or
<< >>.
Additionally, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist.”
It should be noted that he has reportedly responded to inquiries he is
“not comfortable” giving out details such as which hospital Lilly is

UPDATE: i’ve tucked away yesterday’s list in the “read more” area, and will briefly attempt to summarize the latest developments here. If you’ve not been following the LillyAnn Plurk story, this will make zero sense to you.

@RohanPinto stated that he phoned Lilly’s house, that a girl named Heather answered, and did not know of a Gabrielle.

@CeeDubb confronted @RohanPinto about something that LillyAnn had told him, that she had provided phone counseling services to RohanPinto, and that his e-check had bounced.  @RohanPinto then provided screen caps of PayPal transactions.

@Cylithria has
contacted the local authorities in Hammond, IN, to check on the welfare
of Lilly. They confirmed she has received dialysis and is staying with

@Talespinner stated that he was one of the first to donate and sent $100 through PayPal. collected $357.50 on her behalf.

If my search had not turned up extravagant and sometimes conflicting claims of education, credentials, and life circumstances, I’d never have given this a second thought.

On the Plurk page, people continue to discover inconsistencies that suggest that the person creating all the pages with LillyAnn’s information on them, has been taking content from elsewhere and presenting it as his/her own.

this is where the investigation began, in an attempt to gather background on LillyAnn after people had been donating money to help her out with what appeared to be very suspicious claims of financial need, especially since in discussions on Google groups she has stated that she earns some $5K per month in her online activities.

disclaimer: i neither believe
nor disbelieve anything about the following situation. i have just
gathered some facts and feel there is a need to share them. this is a
work in progress, i have just the notes i took last night, and want to
do further digging and i will cite all my sources.

here are the claimed qualifications, degrees, and certifications:

University of Texas, Austin MS Degree Psychology / Clinical Social Work
Augustana College, Rock Island, IL,  MA
*Florida State University Traumatology Institute, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)- Doctoral Studies in Cognitive Psychology
Bachelors Degree Psychology / Business Administration Purdue University, Calumet

4 years of study @ Lily Dale Assembly, NY
6 years of Study @ The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
Certification in Coaching Emotional Intelligence
MScD (Metaphysical Science Doctorate)
Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA)
*Traumatology Ph.D @ Florida State University Traumatology Institute (specializing in: Energy Psychology in Disaster Relief)
Certified Medium and ATP® (Angel Therapy Practitioner)
Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
providing emotional and medical hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society
Graduated Cum Laude
Vice President of Golden Key National Honor Society

Successfully completed courses computer science, web graphic design,
creative and professional writing, English, Journalism and business

Web Developer, Hammond, IN [source] note: source is google cache, since search result leads to a sort of error page

Career Development Coach (MBA), Hammond, IN [source] is
a Your True Nature Productions website –
Copyright Notice

the company is listed as an LLC, but i can’t find any business listing:
“Lilly is a catalyst for clarity and Owner of Your True Nature
Productions, LLC.,®, and Luminous Solutions.”

#3 Commerce Lensmaster on Squidoo, 2007

Newsletter re: health problems. please note i fully believe she is ill. But she’s got a lot of ecommerce going on.

Article on seahorse keeping, with pics of her aquarium. (this turned out to be plagiarized)

Plurk where she shares she has bought a pair of Pinto seahorses.  Price of pinto seahorses: $950.

41 thoughts on “research: a work in progress

  1. i will update with sources on everything, as much of this is a compilation of fragmented information on several dozen different web pages.

  2. so far i’ve just compiled the info from the different sites. i suppose i should go ahead and make a list. but the problem is i feel like an asshole doing this, i really do.

    i want to emphasize that i believe she has health problems. i just want people who give to make informed decisions.

    and i still feel the need to justify this by saying, if you are going to ask for donations, you do need to offer some form of proof. and in absence of this, you have to expect people to google the heck out of you.

  3. Please don’t feel bad for doing this. A lot of people want to know what’s going on and you may find info either way. It’s great of you to put so much time into it.

  4. Serena, not necessarily; unless you have a Psy.D. (specializing in psychology) or a Masters degree that has a licensing track (example: if you want to become a family therapist) then you may not be licensed. I have a Ph.D. but I’m not medically licensed and cannot treat patients.

  5. holy cow… she is also an ordained minister? based on her degrees and certifications she has been in school most of her life where does she find the time to work and plurk…

  6. right, she and Rick are both ordained ministers at the Universal Life Church, but c’mon, aren’t we all?

  7. by the way … the ChipIn event has ended already … at a whopping $357 in such a short amount of time!

    To quote something I see all over her profiles across the net:

    “Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief, or ignorance …”

  8. i’m guessing by the fact no one’s showed up with torches and pitchforks, that so far we’re not wrong? i woke up this morning wondering if the whole internet thought i was a mean asshole yet. sigh. i was actually kind of hoping for it. i’d rather be perceived as mean, than be right.

  9. I’ve also done some researching … her LinkedIn account; the “past experience” is just the services that she has used to promote her psychic services… not real certifiable positions with those companies … “marketing partner” is someone who uses the online companies to promote themselves, thus promoting the service at the same time.

    The truth of this situation is being clearly brought to Light.

  10. lizard… you may want to start posting links people have uncovered that shows blatant plagiarism of content from other people across the internet, and the google groups posting by “Lilly” about earning $5K / month. the website is profiting from theft of content. it’s also a good point to note that even if there is such a person as a “Lilly” who is ill, the webmaster behind this website may very well be someone else. Otherwise this is one very ill individual both in the physical sense and obviously in the emotional and spiritual sense (esp. given how the person is providing “spiritual” advice to others).

  11. lol, i think i actually beat you to that by about 5 minutes. two so far (one from the thread, one i found using but i’m at work, people keep walking up behind me and our internet is flickering out. i will try to keep up but … damn.

  12. After doing research on the home that is listed to “Lilly Calandrello” on white pages…. found that it was purchased by a Richard/Rick Calandrello and his wife Barbara Ann Calandrello.

    Looking into Barbara’s info gives a few alias and maiden names, including a Lilly Ann. With a few liens, lawsuits, etc. All are listed with the DOB of 7-1957 (51 yrs old).

    There is also a Barbara Calandrello in MA born in 1937- 71 yrs old, not to be confused with that one.

    So her credentials may be under her maiden name(s)/aliases as well.

    It costs $7 for a background check through Indiana State’s website, the “Criminal History” Search, but I’m not coughing it up for this lady. :p

  13. Lizard,

    No, not an a-hole for doing this. We were witness to a saga that unfolded online, so driven by real people, the human-ness was seeping through.

    As for the LillySite copyright disclaimer, somebody ought to archive that, too, in light of the many late revisions to (incriminating) entries that have been exposed in Plurk recently. 🙂

  14. as the self-appointed archivist of this whole mess, i suppose i should be the one to do that. i would love some help! i have to work today, so if anyone happens to be looking at the incriminating evidence and feels like taking a quick screenshot, please. please.

    on the other hand, it’s good to know we’ve got her scurrying around trying to fix things.

  15. Oh honey – why didn’t you just ask me? NOBODY needs money for dialysis, or any related renal therapy or complications in this country. The federal government has been paying 100% since 1972 for anyone who needs it – no other insurance or financial criteria required.

  16. it is so good to hear from you! and thanks, that makes this scam all that more amazingly awful.

  17. Interesting that her “interests” links on her MySpace page (under the photos of the seahorses) are all blocked by MySpace because they lead to spam or phishing sites. I think she’s been HAD! Keep up the good work, lizard!

  18. LillyAnn is now active in the SecondLife community…Thank you for this wealth of information!!

  19. Kristina de la Cal
    BellaOnline’s Dating Editor

    September 23 2006 Dating Newsletter

    I want to take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is Lilly Calandrello and I’m the new editor at BellaOnline Dating.
    Kristina de la Cal shows as having written a book called Breaking Up Without Breaking Down….

    Any ideas on this?

  20. LillyAnn was active in Second Life under the name LillyAnn Lewsey…Since my original post in May she has dropped out of sight for the most part…She was involved in starting up a modeling agency within the SL world but nothing has happened with it…As far as I know, there has been no further scam type activities going on…

    I found it interesting that when I passed on information about this past situation and the documentation to be found here to a couple of people involved with her, I did not receive any kind of reply directly…A notice was posted to one of her in-world groups referred to what I had sent by saying: Grace Modeling Agency is a new, cutting edge fashion modeling agency and wil return once Lilly’s health improves. Sometimes truth is harder to believe than fiction, sometimes RL accounts are hijacked and abused. sometimes friendship is strained to the limits but truth will always remain. This was not posted by LillyAnn but by one of the individuals I had passed that information to.

    The website above is for the page detailing LillyAnn’s involvement with the Star Journey sim within Second Life…Star Journey is a metaphysical community in-world…

  21. … and the saga continues. two days ago, this comment was left on the article i wrote for Techipedia, i’m hoping to hear from the person who left it, as it would seem they have some unique, RL insight into the situation.

  22. I’ve met Lilly this year on Second Life when I was feeling desperate and looking for a light to a situation I was dealing with.

    I’ve managed to have a free psychic reading and she was very kind and helpful. I blindly followed her advises and then everything she said was off and made the situation even worse. I didn’t have give her any amout of money, but I was considering after the false relief that she gave me.

    So I decided to google her to find more references about her work and found all of this sites talking about the scam scheme and I was shocked on how naive I was trusting that woman. But on SL I haven’t found any info about a sick person.

    So here’s her Second Life profile, she is the whole day online. I’ve never seen her disconnected. I believe she has a lot of unsuspecting followers there as I was, believing she’s a very wise and enlighted woman.

  23. Oh my gosh I just now saw this. Right around that time, I think, I got some obscure notifications from my web host. LillyAnn the Scam Queen served a takedown notice on ME, because I had complete copies of her plagiarism archived in a folder here on the site.

    I had to laugh, to keep me from completely losing it at the thought — so here she is, a liar and a thief and a plagiarist and a scam artist and a REALLY BAD LIFE COACH (due to being REALLY BAD AT LIFE, I suspect) — but that’s not enough evil for LillyBarb. Nooooooo. She also abuses the DMCA for her personal gain.

    And she continues to do it, year after year, social network after social network. When she gets caught, she just wriggles away and goes off to another scam — she must have tightened up her game a bit after the big Plurk thing happened, though.

    If she’s still claiming that ridiculous education background, that’s one way to point out her fraudulent nature. Her CV is/was full of stuff that was pretty much entirely impossible for one person to have done. Another strategy is to take chunks of her “writing” and run it through google in quotes, or use one of the plagiarism search engines.

    That woman is poison. The “life coach/psychic” field is full of charlatans and con artists, but LillyBarb stands out like a shining beacon of pure moral bankruptcy.

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