sun java + yahoo toolbar = bite me

dear sun,

i do enjoy your Java platform and i appreciate the things (Star Office) that you would give to me for free if i wanted them, but with all due respect, y’all are deeply fucked up for sneaking that Yahoo toolbar in your installation like that. seriously, i would love to come to your offices and go on a slapping spree. not kidding. not even a little bit.

now, i knew it was there, or i suspected at least. i even (briefly) poked around in the options looking for it, but when i didn’t see an obviously checked box to uncheck, i thought hey! maybe they saw the light and stopped inflicting that obnoxious piece of shit toolbar with its aggressive ‘i want to change your homepage and your default search provider’ nonsense. so you can imagine my rage when it finished up and said ‘thank you for installing Java with Yahoo™ Toolbar”. or maybe you can’t. trust me, i was pissed.

well i uninstalled that unwelcome, un-asked for, annoying, ugly, worthless, wretched excuse for a toolbar, and now i’m going to spend the next several hours periodically cursing your name under my breath. oh, and i’m going to join many others on the internet, blogging about what a fucked up thing it is you do. maybe you’ll get the message, maybe you won’t, but whatever.

bite me,


6 thoughts on “sun java + yahoo toolbar = bite me

  1. Heh. Zone Alarm does it with its firewall, too; not Yahoo but its own “Spy Blocker” toolbar. The thing eats up too much screen real estate.

  2. I always go under custom install to prevent the riff-raff from installing, so I can imagine your utter disgust at STILL being fed a toolbar after checking and double checking.
    I miss rants like this from you.

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