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i just moved servers, installed a fresh copy of MT, and started from my old 2004 text export. again. but this time i mean it.

in the remote case that anyone is curious, this is what happened:

i had godaddy hosting. i installed MT 4.1 and attempted to import my
old blog text file, the last archive i managed to hang on to. it’s not
that i didn’t blog between 2004-2008, i just misplaced it. long story.
anyway. the import process was buggy as hell and left dozens if not
hundreds of entries truncated. i kept meaning to do repairs but doing
anything at all was so excruciatingly slow, that never happened. then,
yesterday, i wanted to share an old post. to do this i had to run a
search and replace and rebuild some files, a task which took so
freakishly long as to challenge my sanity.

so yesterday afternoon, i signed up with HostGator. i went to godaddy
and changed the DNS, which resolved instantly. so i started importing, and yeah it went all crashy like before, which was fine, i have the technique down: i search the text file for the last posted entry, delete
everything before, and run the import again. 6 imports and only a little angst and viola! and (whether the better hosting or the fact i specified UTF-8
this time) this time, as far as i can tell, there is no truncation (!!)

so i lost whatever entries i posted when it was at godaddy (well, not
lost, so much as don’t care about them enough to bother), but i gained
intact archives. both the gain & the loss represent a kind of best-case scenario, actually.

but all the templates, the customizations, everything, was all still in the
godaddy copy of MT that was too fucking slow and weak to run any kind
of backup or archive. so i remember it being all kinds of work but this
time? i did the whole customization thing in minutes, literally. say
what you will about your blogware of choice, i’m sure it’s very nice,
but i have known MT since Ben and Mena were just these regular people
playing with some Perl in their spare time. it’s second nature to me.
the complete re-working of the template/widget system only confused me
for about fifteen minutes, and then i fell in love just like i always
do with MT.

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