we’re off to see the lizard

before all the scandal began, i was
about to semi-officially re-launch my old lyrics site. i built it from
scratch out of PHP, MySQL, caffeine, and obsession. i am not as proud
of it as i once was, it was my first ever attempt at a database driven
website, so not only is it so web 1.0, it’s also got n00b written allll
over it.

it does have a live flash chat thingy, that’s sort of cool i guess.


the reason i built the site was because i love lyrics but hate those spammy lyrics sites with the obnoxious ads and the occasional outright attack-spyware, and i wanted a peaceful place to keep my own little collection of my favorites. it is also open to lyrics submissions (here!).

i have considered the thought of implementing user accounts so my friends could use the lyricbase and be able to collect their own favorite lyrics and whatnot, but i’m not convinced that would … you know, matter. after all, the interwebs are full of lyrics sites that have vast, vast libraries of lyrics they’ve content scraped from other lyrics sites, why would anyone but me want to bother? but anyway.

also? life feels much better if you are not all bunched up in a wad.

5 thoughts on “we’re off to see the lizard

  1. You’re too hard on yourself. It doesn’t look n00bish at all. I was surprised by some of the entries. Very cool.

  2. “before all the scandals began…”

    That is a perfect first line for the greatest novel ever written. A smashingly perfect first line.

  3. i should probably finish the first novel first. at that point, “before all the scandals began…” would be an absolutely spot on first line of the sequel.

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