what is MobileMe and why is it in my control panel?

mobileme.jpgi do not remember installing, nor granting permission, nor being asked permission to  have installed, anything called MobileMe. on further exploration, it appears that MobileMe is Apple’s successor to .Mac, and that it purports to connect my Mac and/or my PC to my iPhone. i’m fairly sure i don’t have an iPhone, but i hate to be wrong about this sort of thing, so let me check.

nope. it’s still a BlackBerry. ok, so if i don’t have much if any use for this (and even people who do have a use for it are having a really rough time of it), why do i have it? why did Apple feel that my consenting to thier software update service, that i was in effect consenting to find random shit in my control panel? i like Apple, i’ve got a couple of their computers which are quite nice, but sometimes they are just some presumptuous bastards, aren’t they?

5 thoughts on “what is MobileMe and why is it in my control panel?

  1. Stupid observation:

    Wow. I do not think I ever before glimpsed a Mac Control Panel before. (mac/CP) OxyMoron IMHO

    My Windows machine CP has three rows of 10
    Your Mac CP has six(+?) rows of 7.

  2. several weeks ago, i booted up my macbook, and the mac mail icon had disappeared from my dock, replaced by a question mark. i looked everywhere and could not find the application any longer. apparently the old emails still exist as archived files somewhere in a user data directory somewhere. i was about ten times as miffed as you.

    i then tried to log on to mac webmail and was confronted by MobileMe.

    i was all like wtf.

    i’m still kind of numb. i feel sort of violated.

  3. whoa. it ate your email? that … that’s evil! that’s purely evil! who the fuck do they think they are?

    omg. if a company that i paid a subscription fee so i could have email, suddenly switched shit up on me and i couldn’t get to my email archives, i’d burn something down.

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