apparently, i like death cab for cutie

& also apparently this intends to be the second in what may or may not be a series of blog posts about my wide-and-dewy-eyed appreciation for the technology i have at my fingertips these days. here goes:

there are certain chord progressions which, if you put them in your song, i will like your song, even if the genre of your music is not exactly what i consider my cup of tea. today on my way home i heard just such chords, but had no idea the name of the song, or even the band. not even the foggiest of clues, really.

so as i scooped all my stuff up out of the car on my way up home, i committed to what i loosely refer to as my memory, a snippet of said song lyrics. not as easy as it sounds, i have a notoriously lousy short-term memory & am semi-brain dead from sleep loss. so anyway. fired up the ‘puter, impatiently typing in the query as the browser was loading “if the silence takes you i hope it takes me too lyrics”. a click later i made the somewhat unexpected discovery: i like death cab for cutie! who knew? “oh no! i like death cab for cutie”, i exclaimed, and everyone looked at me funny. which was fine, i was already at amazon and less than a minute later the song was on my hard drive.

listening to it, i ctrl+t’d a browser tab and logged in to the lyricbase, where i added the lyrics & the cover art. ctrl+t again for youtube, grabbed the embedding code and clicked save, resulting in this, which represents another one of those crazy technological leaps i would have never believed had some future dude came & foretold them to me back in the day, when i would have had to hear the song who knows how many times on the radio before catching the name & artist, then would have had to get to a record store & buy it & listen to it a hundred times to catch all the lyrics (i love lyrics, but can’t make them out so well, which is why i have a lyricbase in the first place). but i digress.

if i had a point which i may or may not, it would be to repeat my absolute delight at the awesome array of technology we have today. & if i couldn’t imagine what this now would hold back then, sure as hell there’s no way today i can imagine what this future does. i don’t even care about the flying cars anymore, you know? the music will do it for me.

and just for fun, and because i can, here’s a just-turned-six year old kid playing “soul meets body”.

7 thoughts on “apparently, i like death cab for cutie

  1. jeez why didn’t anybody tell me my embed code was showing? it’s like walking around with your virtual skirt caught in your virtual knickers and nobody says anything until suddenly you notice it’s all drafty!

    all fixed now. but i feel so ashamed 🙂

  2. when did i post that? it’s been on repeat. ever. since. i cannot stop. i am living inside a song, and … it feels amazing.

    excpet i’ve developed a craving for brains, but that’s normal right? we all want us some hot greymatter swimming in spicy sauce from time to time, don’t we? we do!

  3. You are so silly.
    And *I* as well appreciate
    these cool things we can do with internet

    Sometimes I tear up when it all comes full circle like that.

  4. I think I just did a Stacey Graham post where shit in my life just runs together in text like a good high.
    I have not quire mastered the run on sentence like he flourishes.

    But I think I get the jist on hand to letter and letter to word and word to mind and just let it go and release and hope someone in the blue nowhere gets it and walks away feeling better knowing we are all out there struggling our own fight/demons.

    that was so run on.
    Stacey would be proud.

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