live streaming video from my blackberry curve 8320

thanks to, i discovered that the blackberry curve *does* in fact have the capability of taking video, it just needed a major OS upgrade that my carrier did not think i needed. i don’t know why they thought this. so, in honor of this, i’m going to test out some streaming on my way to work. i post this boring-ass post only to illustrate <- that over there, which will be me live in a few minutes, off and on the next half hour or so.

One thought on “live streaming video from my blackberry curve 8320

  1. well, i attempted streaming this morning but had to iron out some issues with my APN settings, so that didn’t work out.

    oddly enough, my second OS upgrade (to the most bleeding edge version) made WiFi streaming cut out. but, i must say it streams quite handily over EDGE network.

    i’m helping test the service! helping testing is fun.

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