well of course “it’s not done”

i always preface these posts about major changes with “it’s not done”. and in this case that is especially true because it is *so* not done. it was so much work to make these templates functional. they were so pretty, but so broken, on so many levels. allegedly widgetized but the whole widgetality was completely non-widgety, so i had to figure out how to widget. i did that. and so many other things. and so many more to go. and why doesn’t the_excerpt() work unless it’s in the midle of a WP_MyQuery or whatever? i didn’t like that thing. i must figure this out, if for no other reason than the random posts over <- there. sigh.

you do not even want to hear the long painful story of my migration from the now-dead-to-me movable type. suffice to say it involved copying the database, hacking directly at the MySQL, and approximately i forget how many runnings of the import cycle. i will be hunting down stray missing characters for a long time because it was like, three am and i didn’t care anymore that the text editor was replacing stuff with weird diamond shaped things with question marks in there.

so of course it’s not done. but is any website ever done? it never is.

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