hypocrisy (mine)

i try to reserve the concept of hate for instances which are most deserving of it, since i personally disapprove of hatred, in spite of my own regrettable inability to  divorce my self from the actual practice of hating. hate is wrong, & yet i hate. i hate stuff all the time. such is this hypocrisy, mine.

i fancy my self an idealist, in iconoclast, a rebel with or without any particular real reason to exist in a state of rebellion. & yet i am the sort of person who will endure seven & maybe even eighteen years of ridiculously suppressive influence & make only the most abortive & pathetic attempts to prevail & escape.

<note: i was quite hammered when i wrote this. click more at own risk>

& yes, i am still here. & so what of this idealism, this idolatry of the progressive, this lip service to strength  which i fail entirely to demonstrate in my own (not pathetic, but only barely) life? well what of it. i can have my beliefs & live in something entirely less than them & still believe, right?

well that’s the whole question right there, isn’t it? where are my gonzo values where it comes to this life, mine? how do i reconcile the vast chasm between my self & these beliefs, mine?

in a word (or two)? i don’t. wait, that’s three words, technically. fuck them, they’re just words. what of these actions &/or the lack thereof, mine?

there is no excuse. there are reasons, but they are contemptible & weak. i believe there was once strength in me, but i cannot swear to that as truth. there is no reality but the one i have surrendered my self into now, here. & it is absolutely true that this here/now is not what i idealized, not what i felt i was meant to be. but it is what i worked for, & what i (apparently) deserve.

hear the uncertainty there? the wishful bullshit inherent in me saying maybe this is somehow undeserved, that the resignation with which i approach the rest of my lease on physical consciousness might somehow turn out to be misguided? that i might only be indulging in some sort of  inappropriate self-flagellation when i claim i’ve relinquished hope of any transcendent connection ever in favor of … whatever … & that was actually supposed to be a sentence & make sense, as if!

i had a thing to say but it was contemptible & weak. for the record, i did have good intentions at some point. where they are now, i cannot tell you, because, well, whenever this happens, my dog crawls up into my lap & uses her nose to dislodge my arms from reaching the keyboard, & i forget.

anyway. here i am writing this & the chance of it being read being remote, i feel freed to go ahead & admit it, i am a hypocrite. i talk a big game but in the end i surrender, & not in that good way. it’s just contemptible & weak.

oh well, at least it’s easy.

under the bridges, over the phone,
wind on the water, carry me home …

4 thoughts on “hypocrisy (mine)

  1. Ah, .Liz, I am a hypocrite too. for the same reason. (abhorring hate, and then hating.)

    I just followed the lizard trail here – it’s been a while and things are all spiffed up in a different way than I last remember – nice! how are all your many things? 😀

  2. Well… after a buncha years (so it seems) and tons of water under the bridge (pick any bridge that will do), I find myself here at Liz’s place once again. I followed Liz forever, then lost her when she quit blogging. I was stumbling through my own archives this afternoon/evening and came across a comment from Liz. “What the hell…” I thought, and clicked the linky.

    Dayum… she’s blogging again. WTF?!?

    Then I further stumble on her blog-ramble on hypocrisy and I think I understand. I am a hypocrite too… perhaps not in the same way or over the same thing… but hypocrisy is just that… hypocrisy and it is the same regardless of the topic.

    I gave up on being perfect years ago. Sometimes I accept myself as I am… other times I hate what I am, but I don’t talk about it much (or write about it)… it just is.

    Hi Liz… It’s good to see your words again, even when they’re hard words.

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