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you know, i don’t usually do memes, but this one … resistance is futile, i have been assimilated.

a while back, i was tagged by the incandescent Tangerine, aka CitizenX, and most recently, by the lovely Kara Sheridan, and i adore both of these ladies quite a lot. i have known Tangerine since when, she’s a major geek, and though i’ve only known Kara since the Plurk era, i have come to admire her spirit quite a lot.

so that was step #1, link back the ones who linked you. the purpose of this, of course, is to do some excellent blog networking, and it is about time i was more social with the old blog thing.

Step #2 – write five fun/interesting facts about yourself. five things? and they all have to be interesting? sigh. let’s see how this goes:

1. i am a rabid domain junkie, and own at this point 20 domain names, including but not limited to:,,,, (matches my lic pl8s), and eight, count them eight, versions of my son’s first name (kurtwood .com .net .org .tv .me .name .us .mobi — i may not be able to pay for a great college, but my child will have his digital brand). there are others, of course. there are always more domains, and more i want.

2. i am not much into watching tv, but when left to my own devices i tend to watch nicktoons. i’m kind of an expert on the nicktoons. i own two entire tv series on DVD — Due South, and Invader Zim.

3. there are a lot of things that might actuallly be *really* interesting i could list here, but i could not do that without the backstory — and there is always so much of that. suffice to say that almost everything about me is a very, very long story.

4. in 2003 i started writing this thing that was like a novel, but not really. i built it its own content management system, the database of which i tweaked so that it is shared by my “poetry” site, through some seriously amateur MySQLing. i built database driven websites way before i was actually qualified to do so. the CMS i wrote counts words. the thing that’s not a novel is over 50,000 of them that i will most likely never show to anyone.

5. wow i’m up to five already! that wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. ok, let’s see, hmm, five. there is no fifth thing? nobody expects the spanish inquisition? ok how about this: i try really hard to be open minded and respect everyone’s right to their freely expressed opinions, and as such maintain a few conservative social network friends. it is very, very difficult for me not to flame them silly. but i am open minded. i am open minded dammit! and there’s no point in flaming. really. at least i keep telling myself that.

    Step #3: Tag six other people. Then let them know you’ve tagged them by twittering them or leaving a comment on their blog. Now you know what’s hard about that? i’m late in this game here, so many of the potential tag targets have already been hit. i do, however, highly recommend:

    Linkmeister – an old, dear blog friend from back when. one of the more observant folks out there, always an enjoyable read.
    Two Words: Not Always So – my friend and spiritual advisor, Daigan.
    Puntiglio – excellent words and … well, general excellence.
    LaLa FuFu – the inimitable Tim Moore, a rabble rouser of sorts, and a serious geek with a serious gadget thing. dude has an iFamily.
    CeeDubb – another rabble rouserish sort, seriously into the bike thang
    ex-lion tamer – what is it with me and rabble rousers? the ever-progresive r@d@r, one of my best old blogfriends from back in the day.

      well there you go. a meme. don’t expect to see a lot of that sort of thing here.

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      1. Thanks so much for joining in the fun-I learned alot about you!:-) The domain hoarding cracks me up…Maybe it’s our equally online-warped minds but when I think about it, though-it makes total sense! LOL! Bet your son will thank you for it someday. Hope you have a great week and I’ll see you in plurkville friend:-)

        Kara´s last blog post..Answering the call of the tag

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