in a word

“perhaps taking the spam somewhere else would be advisable.”

in response to a lighthearted hopeful invitation to something i’d been working on & have a strong desire to see succeed. in retrospect yes this was spam. obviously it was, it’s spam if it’s called spam & that’s that, right?  in context, arguments could be made that i’d always been relevant &/or at least on topic in communications with this accuser, and in this case … well i flat put my foot in my mouth, or at least the variant of that you do with fingers on keys. i was wrong in that way you know wrong after you’ve done it & while it still does not feel anything like that, yet, the consequences are clear.

that felt far more awful than it should have. there are no worse words i could be called, or have used in sentences that referred to my actions. none. they not only do not exist, they *can* not exist.

my head hurts.

and even though this is the first time i’ve blogged in howevermany months, the thought of linking to this from anywhere for any reason seems like … feels like … well what if there is a spammer in me, one i can’t see out of some blind stupid faith in my own pleasant intentions?

and yeah. i am overreacting.  yes i am. yes i know.

spam? yeah. spam.

5 thoughts on “in a word

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  2. but what about barely legal nigerian midgets and throbbing european-lottery winning MILFs? you forgot about those.

  3. if someone who knows you and who has had conversations with you via email or otherwise digitally in the past refers to any communication from you – even a “mass” or “list” email – as “spam”, they are most definitely unclear on the concept.

    “you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.” = the princess bride

    spam is the thousands of programmatically generated comments that forced me to delete an entire blog. THAT’S spam.

    someone who’s got the time to respond back to a group email appeal from a friend or acquaintance about something they are interested in, accusing them of spamming, rather than just deleting it, has far too much time on their hands.

    just sayin’

    r@d@r´s last blog post..3 AM thoughts

  4. Spam is a word that is meant to provoke a response. Much like the word racist. People fear being called a racist and anyone active in social media dreads being called a spammer. Trolls are aware of the power of this term. People like you and I take it to heart because we fear it so much. But real spammers don’t care and will continue spamming. I think it’s perfectly ok to to promote your work… it’s your duty as a content provider. The sad thing is while the true content providers are being bullied into not promoting their stuff.. the spammers are flooding the internet with crap or stolen content and making thousands of dollars each month from it.

  5. You can do anything you want.

    It’s the internet

    and there ain’t no rules.

    But just know this: You got friends.

    Even if they’re old friends, weird friends, obscure friends – in the woodwork…who come out of the woodwork…now and then…who -maybe- happen to be on a different social medium than you are on – at the present time, but who will – – meet you again, don’t know where, don’t know when – – – like the song goes. (old old song)

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