memory replacement on the IdeaPad Y710

it didn’t say anything about this anywhere i could find easily, even in the manual, so i figured i’d put this on the internet if anyone’s wondering: to upgrade the memory in a Lenovo IdeaPad Y710: you basically take the whole bottom off. 7 screws (three big ones in there deep, four little ones on the surface that wobble around a lot when you unscrew them). expect to be annoyed.

i looked everywhere for this information – the manual goes as far as to tell you that the memory is a Customer Serviceable area, but stops there and doesn’t tell you a thing about how to get to it. it even goes so far as to imply that customer serviceable areas are doors that generally lead to only one thing (hard drive, memory, etc). this is a lie! the whole damn computer is under that big panel, which looks like it’s in two parts, but is one, big part.

but once you get that 4GB of 800MHz DDR2 200-pin SODIMM memory in there, and you rescrew it and flip it over and turn it on and see that gorgeous 4GB in the system properties, it’s allllll worth it.

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