Alan Grayson – My New Personal Hero

Alan Grayson has not always been as calm and reasonable as he was doing battle for our health care these past two days. Matt Taibbi has a great story about the time Grayson “went werewolf” on him, illustrating very clearly just how much he’s holding back when he goes after these Federal Reserve weasels.  Here’s the video Matt was referring to, saying “Now for most of last year Grayson’s public appearances didn’t rate any higher than a five or maybe a six on the craziness scale, but he’s a definite seven in this clip, trending toward eight.” And here, for fun, is the video of him absolutely destroying the Federal Reserve Inspector General, who did not come to class prepared and is way, way out of her league.

When he’s not standing up for our interests against economic stupidity, telling us Republicans want us to die quickly or apologizing to the dead, he’s doing other, even more awesome things, including HR 686, the “Teach the Constitution Week” resolution, which passed the House by an overwhelming majority two weeks ago. From his website:

The U.S. House of Representatives approved Congressman Alan Grayson’s “Teach The Constitution Week” resolution today. The bill (H.Res. 686) urges high schools to spend one week each September teaching the United States Constitution to seniors.

Congressman Grayson said, “More teenagers can name the judges of American Idol, and the 3 Stooges, than can name the three branches of government. The Constitution is the highest law in the land. If we are not teaching our children the Constitution, what are we teaching them?”

The passage of the “Teach The Constitution Week” resolution comes three days before Constitution Day. Members of the Constitutional Convention signed the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787.

The resolution also encourages seniors to petition the government on an issue of personal importance to them to demonstrate their understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the United States.

“Too many people have no concept of the principles of this historic document. That is a true disservice to our nation and its citizens, and is the reason that we should promote a better understanding of the Constitution on the part of our nation’s youth,” Congressman Grayson added.

40 House Republicans voted with their Democrat colleagues in favor of this resolution. The other 138 were presumably unhappy with the thought of high school kids being taught to recognize the kind of bullshit their party’s wingnut spokes-douchebags like to spew.

Don’t forget to reward good behavior!

4 thoughts on “Alan Grayson – My New Personal Hero

  1. he’s my hero too. the one with the reserve inspector general is shameful – not just for her, but for anyone who lets her stay in power.

    and the fed bank of ny handles the fed’s wall street trades, huh? so, a still stronger tie between geithner and bernanke.

    i think obama has us over a bigger barrel than george bush ever dared.

  2. We need to pay more attention to Mr. Grayson – he has been working very, very hard to protect us, and we need to support him in these efforts – not just his Floridian constituency, but the whole country.

    There’s great video of him laughing in Bernanke’s face too, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. I love what he’s doing, and the style in which he is doing it.

  3. So Sad! My hero has lost his seat. I was lucky though to meet him right near the capitol this summer and he posed for a photo with me. sigh… anyhow I bet he’ll be back when his kids get a little bigger. He has two little twins and three more–the oldest is 15.
    Hope to see him on TV

  4. He’s my hero too! Hope to see him on TV again soon. He might even run again if crazy Daniel Webster shows his colors. Grayson said he’s got a 19th century name and a 13th century mind. Bet that’s true.

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