perhaps i am the only one …

who thinks that this war on Fox “News” is treading on dangerous ground? I mean, sure, anyone who possesses the ability to use Google or even, or a reputable newspaper, or who has watched Out Foxed, or who has been paying any reasonable amount of attention at all, knows Fox is not a “News” outlet. But, at this point, they are still calling themselves “News”, acting as if it’s news they’re presenting, it even says “News”  in the corner of the screen.

And as long as they portray themselves as a news channel, any of the folks who believe them are going to have SO much room to yelp about the first amendment.

I mean, imagine your neighbor claimed he was a billy goat, and kept ramming himself head-first into your house, and a crowd of other neighbors had gathered to watch. And this crowd was being entertained, and after awhile, began to believe the guy ramming the house was a goat, because he kept yelling “LOOK AT ME, I’M A GOAT” and he had GOAT written in red letters on his shirt, and he smelled kinda goat-y, and after awhile, everyone just thought of him as a goat. The first order of business wouldn’t be to go after the goat, it would be to make sure that everyone understood it was really a crazy dude and not an actual goat, right? Otherwise they’d be on about animal cruelty and whatnot. PETA would send naked chicks. It could get ugly, or at least, skanky.

Or am I just paranoid, and simply everyone knows Fox is fake, just like everyone knows wrestling is fake, right?

3 thoughts on “perhaps i am the only one …

  1. it knows you tweeted it though. unless someone else did, but, when i installed it, it picked up tweets on previous posts that were tweeted before i ever installed it! how did it do that?

  2. My parents who live in Wisconsin believe Fox is news. They don’t see any spin whatsoever. I think that’s pretty much along the lines of what a majority of Middle-Americans think.

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