GameFly : a public thanking

I admit I didn’t expect much. After all, the whole snafu was partially my fault for not noticing things for months at a time, and for not clarifying things with the kiddo & the dad regarding what was sent back when. And yes, I did delegate the canceling in a way that caused it to be rather frustratingly sort-of-but-not-really taken care of. And I know this is confusing, but it’s nowhere near as confusing as the plaintive email I sent to GameFly after all this had gotten itself into such a sorry state.


So in the process of looking up their Customer Service phone number, I found any number of wankers wanking about how GameFly was teh suck, etc etc. I even imagined how, if they kept sending me emails, I’d unsubscribe with one of those snarky “why I unsubscribed” messages. Yes, sometimes I get mad in advance of having a reason, just so I’ll be good and ready. Well, either the wankers were just being wanky (as wankers often are), or, GameFly has changed.

The plaintive, confusing email was sent yesterday evening, ending with a whine about how it sure would be nice to talk to them about the whole mess but oh well.

And today, I got the nicest call. They’re going to clear the account of games that we didn’t report missing for months (we meant to, we just … you know … and then another month went by …). And, they’re refunding two months’ charges. Which isn’t fair — it’s way, way beyond fair.

Meaning that at some point, we will probably re-subscribe, if for no other reason than they just impressed the hell out of me. We do have numerous game systems, so a subscription would make sense, it’s just that we’re kind of over-gamed at the moment after the wildly Xbox-y Xmas.

So, GameFly, thank you for being very understanding about our “… and then another month went by … “. We appreciate the convenience.

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