google voice is on drugs. really, really good ones.

Or really bad ones, depends on how you look at that sort of thing. I’m not complaining, I find it quite hilarious, especially considering that there *is* decent voice recognition going on in the software world today. It’s just, none of that’s happening anywhere near the Google Voice division, for some bizarre reason I can’t even begin to speculate on.

Exhibit A:  phone call from my daughter re: … something?

Hey Mom, It’s me, it’s like wow that’s okay. Okay bye. I think I’m birthday party on it. Also the right way, getting up as soon as possible. Let me know if it’s free tickets and I really want to. Without the rate if you could thought I’d be really cool when you hire also, but if it’s still your financing meeting and her at. So, how big invite you guys in the east. You can’t tell you never see. I think it’s like 99. If you are right. Hi back.

Exhibit B: wrong number from some random lawyers (probably)

Yes, my name is Anthony cord error on the litigation Compliance Officer for the carry law firm. I’m looking to speak with a meal and Crenshaw. Alrighty.Crenshaw regarding out cases of being involved and check fraud to be filed with local stories representing Bay County maybe have Ed Davis with. Reachout of town Ridge contract that the service is intensity fryer filters to out of 10 Affidavit is, 102-1072 Response, call us to be made at (number)extension 354, or directly at (number).

OK, that just cracks me up.

One thought on “google voice is on drugs. really, really good ones.

  1. I was hoping that I could use your photo “Driving Home” for our company open house invitation cover? If you are able to email me back, that would be great. Thanks so much. Caroline

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