I wish I could write the post I had written in the bathtub earlier.

Because it was really quite good, I assure you.

I tossed around a few ideas as to how to approach the whole talking about the depression thing, including starting at the beginning but to be honest I have no clue when that even was.  So I considered some arbitrary start points, various cataclysmic events along the way that triggered things like episodes or whatever those were. I even put together a few introductory paragraphs for some of them, but no matter where I started, it seemed like such a long, wandering way to write and all of it uphill, so decided against that approach.

That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it.

So let’s start with the now: Cautious optimism. I’ve almost completed a proof-of-concept that I can be fixed. I haven’t done much of the actual fixing yet, but all signs point to yes as to the answer to whether or not it’s possible. It is definitely maybe possible. Maybe even probably possible. As we know, all possible histories and therefore all possibilities exist, so … waiting is.

And tonight, I feel very, very good. It’s actually a bit overmuch, but no complaints.

Also, a long bath after a 9 hour workday with 2 10-mile bike rides is a thing of wonder. And in a weird way, none of these tonight things would have been possible without the wonders of medical cannabis, which is one of the staples in the diet of saving me.

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