i seem to be either inspired or vigorously avoiding something so hard that it looks like inspiration. and i think i’m almost happy with how it looks for once & perhaps that’ll allow me to elaborate further. you know, at some point.

… and that’s it for now, back to our regularly scheduled … thing.

2 thoughts on “well

  1. “takes a long stick and pokes the image”, hmmm looks like a Lizard, he said questioning his sanity.

    I had a dear friend once called Lizard who one day just vanished. I was so sad, I took to searching the internet for anyone named Liz, but never found anyone as nice or imaginative as her. Could it be you are the one I lost?

    Well if you remember an old BFG drop me a mail, and I’ll pop bye more often.

    If not keep blogging, we need more bloggers.

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