ninety one point five

Take your pick, distance or temp, more or less. The heat was hot and the ground was dry and the air was full of sound. I was testing out the new backpack and hauling far more than usual in weight. 5 miles in I was almost going to turn around and put the stuff back so I could make it, 25 miles in and I was fully committed to just turning around and giving up. It was a day that called for a next-level effort,  and I was  a whiny ball of wanna go home.

But then suddenly I was much farther than I expected, which cancelled the whine and by the time I got to the Welcome to Simi Valley sign I was overwhelmed with how glad I was the whiner didn’t win and ruin everything. Got where I was headed and curled up on a towel because it was a teensy bit more than I could really do. Basically, it was somewhat hot out, and I am delicate.

I waited for the long shadows to head home, still sweating literal buckets pretty much the whole way, even after it got dark. Not enough ice for the way home (forgot and left bottles outside on the bike, stupid stupid mistake) but made do, had to stop for another bottle for a total of 140 oz consumed and a stop for a large fries (mmm, salt & potassium). Got home after 10, took hours to settle in. Have to be in Ojai by 10:30 in the morning, for business.

Was late, was the annoying girl who insists on riding her bike then has issues, was exhausted. The heat even going all downhill (with Garmin paused, dammit) prompted me to go to a liquor store and buy a liter of cold water and an 8lb bag of ice. Pouring the chilled water over my head, shoulders, neck, then stuffing my jersey pockets and sports bra with ice, ice everywhere I could fit it and that is the only way I made it home, and it was an extremely mild sort of hot weather. On the bright side, the whole wearing ice thing worked brilliantly, and if it’s the thing that keeps me on the bike during the blast furnace of summer, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

I need to go to Oxnard for a burrito & then maybe cruise the harbor for some air, but so far:

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