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my top 11 (mostly) free android apps

Presented here in no particular order are my top eleven favorite Android apps. These aren’t necessarily the ones I use most often, but they are definitely the ones that add the most coolness to my overall Droid experience — the

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GameFly : a public thanking

I admit I didn’t expect much. After all, the whole snafu was partially my fault for not noticing things for months at a time, and for not clarifying things with the kiddo & the dad regarding what was sent back

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… and don’t make any sudden moves

I am not fond of air travel, and haven’t been on an airplane since … hmm, thinking … 1999? My desire not to fly has increased steadily with each new regulation requiring the violation of personal space, but this one

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Twitter, the Fort Hood Atrocities, and … Iran?

It is never easy to adjust to the proliferation of a new communication technology. I’m old enough to remember when answering machines were new, and most of the messages recorded were something along the lines of “I … um …

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and then all of a sudden i bought a droid

i’d been reading and reading about it, perhaps selectively. i am a phone-looker – i look at phones all. the. time. up until now, none of them have had that perfect combination of stuff (when i say “phone”, understand i

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dystonia is a tragedy. but so is preventable death due to fear and misinformation.

Have you seen the tragic video of Desiree Jennings, the beautiful 25 year old cheerleader who was struck with dystonia ten days after receiving a seasonal (not H1N1) flu shot? The correlation between the timing of the flu shot and

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perhaps i am the only one …

who thinks that this war on Fox “News” is treading on dangerous ground? I mean, sure, anyone who possesses the ability to use Google or even, or a reputable newspaper, or who has watched Out Foxed, or who has

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Bobcat Goldthwaite, on Scott Baio: (try to get to 0:45-ish if you can, unless you like a lot of screming. personally I find the screaming rather cathartic. )

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it was nineteen seventy whatever, the album animals had just been purchased & unwrapped, does anyone remember the smell of new vinyl? i don’t, and i consider this a loss. maybe there wasn’t even a smell? anyway. i was over

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Alan Grayson – My New Personal Hero

Alan Grayson has not always been as calm and reasonable as he was doing battle for our health care these past two days. Matt Taibbi has a great story about the time Grayson “went werewolf” on him, illustrating very clearly

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