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new plurk-related blog!

tonight i have set up “Plurking Our Butts Off”, at, a collaborative effort in which many plurkers (hopefully) will gather to support each other as we endeavor to alter our current weight levels. i am particularly encouraged by the whole Plurk vibe that spawned this, since it is by far the most collaborative, cooperative, close-knit (get it? knit?) community i’ve ever been privileged to be a part of.

Plurking Our Butts off is accepting registration, so go sign up!

oh and i am by no means a WP expert but i can promise you by tomorrow evening that little blog site will be nice and shiny and pretty. any feedback/suggestions are very welcome, of course.

oh and if you’re reading this and you’re not a Plurker, and thinking,
oh my, i would love to join this strangely-named place, then may i ask
you to please use this link? and thank you.


This entry and its comments are to serve as an archive of plagiarism committed by LillyAnn, aka Barbara Calandrello.

I’ve been running searches through, but it’s a slow process. It is astonishing how many of her articles are lifted word for word from others.

· article vs. Squidoo article which was a #1 Dual Winner AGAIN for “Topanga”
·Thoughts as a Tool of Creation by Marty Varnadoe Dow, LCSW vs by LillyCalandrello
·The Search For Truth by David Chandler vs.

i have archived the pages listed above, and in the comments, here, in case they were changed or taken down.

research: a work in progress

This post is an attempt to archive and sort out the whole LillyAnn mess, which began when a popular member of Plurk began taking up collections for medical emergencies that were misrepresented. Subsequent investigations of her activities turned up many inconsistencies, lies, and a whole lot of plagiarism. The archived Plurk thread is here.

on July 10, LillyAnn’s daughter posted on Plurk
that her mom had been taken to the hospital, and needed money for
dialysis. A subsequent Plurk in which confusing information was
offered, has been deleted. This plurk
has accumulated around 1,000 responses including extensive discussion
as to the validity of the claims being made. The daughter has not
responded to this plurk since last night but has posted elsewhere on Plurk today.

Initial requests for assistance referred to the paypal account
here, which is also linked from the ‘Newsletter re: Health Problems’
linked below, which had been used in previous requests for assistance.

daughter has stated that she is not allowed on social media, but has
navigated the social web with some skill, posting requests for
assistance on Twtter, Plurk, and (stating she had assistance), set up a page which has, at this writing, collected $297.50.  DaveJazzHands Stumbled and Dugg
this ChipIn page and stated in his Stumble review that “For those
desiring more information or creditials, please visit << >> or
<< >>.
Additionally, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist.”
It should be noted that he has reportedly responded to inquiries he is
“not comfortable” giving out details such as which hospital Lilly is

UPDATE: i’ve tucked away yesterday’s list in the “read more” area, and will briefly attempt to summarize the latest developments here. If you’ve not been following the LillyAnn Plurk story, this will make zero sense to you.

@RohanPinto stated that he phoned Lilly’s house, that a girl named Heather answered, and did not know of a Gabrielle.

@CeeDubb confronted @RohanPinto about something that LillyAnn had told him, that she had provided phone counseling services to RohanPinto, and that his e-check had bounced.  @RohanPinto then provided screen caps of PayPal transactions.

@Cylithria has
contacted the local authorities in Hammond, IN, to check on the welfare
of Lilly. They confirmed she has received dialysis and is staying with

@Talespinner stated that he was one of the first to donate and sent $100 through PayPal. collected $357.50 on her behalf.

If my search had not turned up extravagant and sometimes conflicting claims of education, credentials, and life circumstances, I’d never have given this a second thought.

On the Plurk page, people continue to discover inconsistencies that suggest that the person creating all the pages with LillyAnn’s information on them, has been taking content from elsewhere and presenting it as his/her own.

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life outside the monkeysphere

the first time i ever read this article was such a major ‘aha’ moment. everything about the monkeysphere theory made perfect sense to me. here’s the main point, in case you don’t feel like clicking that link (though i strongly recommend it)

You see, monkey experts performed a monkey study a while back, and discovered that the size of the monkey’s monkey brain determined the size of the monkey groups the monkeys formed. The bigger the brain, the bigger the little societies they built.

They cut up so many monkey brains, in fact, that they found they could actually take a brain they had never seen before and from it they could accurately predict what size tribes that species of creature formed.

Most monkeys operate in troupes of 50 or so. But somebody slipped them a slightly larger brain and they estimated the ideal group or society for this particular animal was about 150.

That brain, of course, was human. Probably from a homeless man they snatched off the streets.

the article explains so much about human nature, but it concludes by advising us to accept our shortcomings, and not listen to inspirational speakers who entice us with the snake oil of enlightenment. but why listen to inspirational speakers, when we can just look around us and see the evolution ourselves?

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